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February 2015 Entries


Tonight, as my husband had to work late, I spoke with another mom who has two children with food allergies. She is also a pediatrician.   She shared her story and suggested that I bring my son to see an allergist at Mount Sinai, where she use to work, in order to get a second opinion.   She said she may be biased but that her experience there has been that they are on top of new research and new clinical guidelines because there are so many research hospitals in that small area.    She also recommended a specific allergist who I will now call Allergist #2.   Our original allergist will be Allergist #1.

She also said that she did not mean to add more conflicting information to the mix but that one of her pediatrician friends saw their group after her 11 month old daughter had a reaction to egg.   She asked if she should stop eating it herself to avoid exposure through her breast milk and was told no as long as your baby didn’t react to your milk, keep eating it.

This was another common denominator.  Allergist #1 had brought up clinical studies at Mount Sinai back in December when I first started to frantically email him questions. Maybe, I should contact Allergist #2. What did I have to lose..nothing!

As for my son, he just kept on smiling…

FEBRUARY 8            

Here is the email that I decided to send to Allergist #2 today…

Good evening,

I have been working with an allergist for almost two months now and doing a lot of research on my own regarding my son’s food allergies. While I have no complaints about our allergist at all, I have been looking for a second opinion about everything especially since I am finding a lot of conflicting, and rather confusing, information out there about food allergies.  I received your information from a pediatrician who worked at Mount Sinai. Her former co-workers speak very highly of you. Since my son has already had a great deal of allergy testing done, my husband and I are just I looking for another doctor’s recommendations with it all for now. Do you meet with people who already have allergy blood work results and give advice without doing more testing?  Regardless, I do plan to call and try to make an appointment with you in the near future.

Here is a brief summary of what has been going on with my son.  Since his birth last May, he had eczema, spit up frequently, and had loose stool. All I was told by our pediatrician was just part of being a baby. Then, in October, he got his first ” random ” hive outbreak on his face. It lasted about an hour. This continued to happen through November maybe once a week. I brought him to an allergist who said it was just sensitive skin. However, in December he had his first taste of yogurt and it sent us to the ER in an ambulance. His face blew up and hives all over. He never stopped breathing thank God. Then, our allergist and pediatrician said based on a skin test that he was allergic to dairy, wheat, egg, tree nuts and peanuts but not soy and fish. However, at daycare he randomly got hives after eating a jar of organic food that he had eaten many times before. Then, our allergist orders blood work and it shows that he is allergic to oat and barley. So on December 15, I started a semi strict elimination diet ( I could eat some wheat like out to dinner and cooked cheese was okay.) However, on December 24 I started a strict elimination diet of oat, barley, wheat, dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts. Then, he had a random outbreak in the car on way to daycare. So after more blood work, he is diagnosed with dermographism and food allergies of oat, barley, wheat, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts , sesame oil and SOY! I’ve eliminated all of these since. However, he won’t be retested until July now. He is set up for a food challenge of coconut milk on March 4 since he was only mildly allergic to that. (.6) I am searching all over for advice, experiences, and talking to dietitians and lactation consultants to try to figure out if and what and how I can add items back into my diet in my son’s best interest of outgrowing all or most of these allergies. Does exposure through my breast milk help with some allergens? Do certain allergens or items not pass directly through breast milk after being processed? Or do I need to do a strict elimination diet of all allergens until he is retested since he was tested through blood? Most importantly, I want to make sure that I am doing everything possible to best help my son and, if possible, to increase his chances of outgrowing these allergies.  Sorry this was a long email. I’m trying to gather as much info as possible and you were recommended to us.

Thank you for your time!

I am feeling hopeful and we both smile on…

FEBRUARY 12. 2014

Allergist #2 has a cancellation and we get an appointment. We receive a lot of information! Sooooo much to process.   I post on February 17 to my breastfeeding support group.

My son just smiles and smiles…

FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

This is just an update on everything.. Feel free to skip over and not read since I’m quite wordy. I often think of starting a blog. Ha … I just want to share the great amount of information that I am learning or at least some of it in case anyone ever needs it…

My little guy is great and gaining wonderfully. He about 20 pounds, a long way from his 6 lb 15 ounce self at birth. I’ve been reaching out to a bunch of moms and dietitians and anyone who knows or experienced any type of food allergies. In doing this, I was trying to find common denominators to figure out how best to help him. Our current allergist who we love mentioned Mount Sinai having up-to-date research back in December and sent me a link. Then, when I spoke with a mom/pediatrician who use to work at Mount Sinai, she said her friend was breastfeeding through the allergies of egg but their doctor said to continue eating eggs. So she recommended that I speak with a highly recommended pediatric allergist at Mount Sinai. Therefore, although I felt like I was ” cheating” on our current allergist, I emailed her on Sunday with our son’s “story” and she emailed back Monday and said she could not tell recommendations without seeing him ( obviously ) but to definitely call her office. When I called on Monday, she was soooo booked up and I couldn’t get appointment until April 3. So I made that appointment and then on Monday night I was like what the heck (I have nothing to lose ) so I asked her ( knowing she could not legally tell me over email ) if what I was doing in the meantime was best for him. Then she emailed Tuesday morning and told me to come in there was an opening Thursday.

So this is what she said when we met with her this week.

The doctors at Mount Sinai don’t recommend pulling food out of moms’ diets unless he reacted to her breast milk. (Back in December, I pulled all allergens from my diet because my allergist recommended that.) With that being said, she would recommend I avoid dairy since he had an actual reaction to yogurt and that number is highest of all his food allergies.  Avoid eggs if directly eaten but not baked in something. Avoid peanuts and tree nuts and sesame. However, she would suggest I gradually add wheat, oat, barley, eggs baked in products, soy, and sesame back into my diet now.

She said based on his blood work numbers they are all low enough to outgrow. Sometimes between ages 1-3 the numbers get higher if it’s a true allergy. Also, based on blood work, he has a dairy,  egg , and peanut allergy but given his age and the numbers, she is not certain the others are allergies (wheat, oat, barley, soy). Also, numbers mean different things for different foods. For example, wheat is a 6 but apparently that is low for wheat. However, a 6 for peanuts is a true allergy for now. For those who aren’t familiar with allergies, these numbers can go over 100. This may be very repetitive for those of you who know allergies.

Our current allergist, Allergist #1 wants updated blood work done in July at 14 months and a coconut milk challenge on March 4 (ugh! Sooo soon and I’m terrified) and have him start coconut milk at one year old if no reaction to food.

However, this Mount Sinai allergist would not do a coconut milk challenge in March but instead would retest skin and blood at 12 months. Then, if I stop breastfeeding at 12 months, the doctors there recommend starting on a formula. Before starting him on the hypoallergenic one, they would want a food challenge for soy because a soy based formula would be a better option for him from age 12-18 months. Then, they would do a baked egg challenge and wheat, oat and barley, etc – the lower allergies going first.

She also said a probiotic would not hurt to start him on. We have not started since we introduced chicken and wanted to gradually add to his diet, but plan to this week.

We emailed our current allergist about all of this and our visit, explaining why we did this. In addition, we do plan to continue to work with him. In the meantime, he too agrees it is reasonable to start adding in certain things to my diet like wheat. However, I’m scared and have not done so yet.

Thanks so much for listening/reading my rants on here. It’s surprising how many people close to me are quite critical about it all and don’t understand why I have decided to continue to breastfeed, or at least for now, despite it all. It has really been an eye opening time for me. Anyways, that is why it means a lot to have you girls to turn to for that support and confidence to continue on this journey. Stay warm! I miss you guys and hope we can make an event soon! ❤️

FEBRUARY 28, 2014

I almost ordered regular pizza (minus the cheese) tonight. However, then as the evening crept up, I started to doubt that decision.   I was told by Allergist #2 that it was okay to do.   However, I only reintroduced wheat bread into my diet one time so far and panicked.   Because I have no idea what is the best thing to do, I must trust my gut.   I think it is best to wait until after Wednesday. Then, depending on everything we learned that day, maybe next Friday, I will reintroduce regular pizzeria ordered pizza without cheese to my diet. (Of course still free of soy, egg, and milk)

Wednesday = our first food challenge; It will be the coconut milk challenge with Allergist #1.

This is how it works: We bring the coconut milk.   He can’t eat after 6 am because he needs to be hungry.   At 8:30 am, they give him a taste and wait to see if there is any initial reaction.   Then, if not, they give more.   Then, we wait for two hours in their office.   If all goes well, I can bring his skipped breakfast food and nurse him.  When we leave, we monitor during the day.   He can’t be on his Zyrtec for four days prior. He also can’t have a bad cold or they won’t do it. He has a cold now and my thoughts about that are if he is sick that day, then this food challenge was happening too early and the cold was saving him the experience until his body is ready. My husband and I have to take off from work.   My pediatrician even mentioned that she puts some moms back onto maternity leave when there are several food allergies because of how time consuming they are.   I guess I will be spending a lot of my summer doing these.

Like I said to one of my closest friends tonight about it, “It’s scary and stressful but I’m trying to look at it all as the first step to conquering food allergies.  I know that this may sound cheesy but if it doesn’t go well I refuse to say we failed.   Instead, it’ll be that his immune system just is not ready yet. And that is 100% okay. But I believe he has outgrown some and will continue to outgrow more by 12 months of age.”

Every time a negative thought or fear sneaks into my mind, I come back at it with another way of looking at it such as what I said above.   It really has been a month and a half of retraining my brain to think differently….

So even though it is just homemade pizza again tonight for this mom, I smile because he continues to smile on as he now also is starting to cruise around with his walking toy….

January 2015 Entries


Quite frankly, I was in a major funk these days.   I was putting all my energy into still being my happy self in front of my son; however, I was an absolute mess when he was not around.   A lot happened during these two weeks…

  • We took my son to have allergy testing through blood work.   We saw an excellent guy who was able to get a lot of blood.   When these results came back, it was confirmed.   Now. my son was allergic to OAT and BARLEY in addition to the skin tested allergens of WHEAT, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, DAIRY, and EGGS. Therefore, I cut out the few items that I was eating with oat in them.
  • I also realized that my favorite dairy-free creamer for my coffee was not dairy free so I cut it out. I cried.
  • I then realized that I should not be eating tootsie roll lollipops everyday like I had been doing when I pumped. (It was my daily treat twice a day…I never liked chocolate much before being pregnant.) However, it contains milk so I cut these out too and yes, I cried. It sounds silly what I was crying about.   I think I just kept feeling like more and more food that I enjoyed were being taken away. And even worse, I felt like I had been hurting my son for so many months and had no clue.  (While no one can confirm this,I now think differently.  I truly believe that I helped him during those 7.5 months of breastfeeding before my elimination diet started.)
  • I met with Nutritionist #1.   She basically told me that I may have celiacs disease which I definitely do not. However, I kindly took all of her materials and thanked her for her advice. She did tell me that I could eat goat cheese.  However, my allergist soon told me that was not the case.
  • I met with an orthopedic for a severe pain in my left thumb/wrist.   I had read about what I thought I had, “Mommy Thumb.” Sure enough, doctor confirmed this and told me that I needed a cortisone shot in the area. A few days after the shot, the pain went away for three weeks.   But, then came back even worse.   However, in February at some point it completely vanished out of nowhere.   One morning I woke up and it was gone.
  • I found a lump on my right breast.   I freaked out. I went to my gynecologist office twice about it and called about four times.   Yes, I do sound crazy and I am sure that they thought I was too. At the first visit, I was told it was a torn muscle. Then, a day later as the pain got worse, the doctor told me that it was a clogged milk duct and called in a medication for me if it got infected.    However, I never went to get it.  Lots of massaging, pumping, and nursing did the job.
  • During these two weeks,  I was definitely depressed.  I truly thought that everything was falling apart, that I had messed up everything, and that there was nothing that I sensed impending doom.   Since I have experienced a couple of time in my life where I suffered from depression and anxiety, I knew that this was what it was.   However, I needed to stop it.  I had to for my son.   I had to take care of myself for him.   I just couldn’t figure out how to do this. One day I caught myself obsessing over how much I was eating, measuring and remeasuring my food.   While I had never stopped counting calories and measuring food, I had not limited myself in close to 20 years.   I recognized some of these behaviors that I was doing as the start of an eating problem again. Yet, I could not stop.   My life seemed to be out of my control and this was one thing that I could control.  I was losing a couple more pounds with this new diet.  I probably needed to add more calories because of the way that my body was metabolizing this rather healthy elimination diet.  In fact, I was having dizzy spells too.
  • Because of a lingering cold, I went to my actual doctor and had blood work done to make sure that I was not deficient in any areas.   I was falling apart quicker than I could catch myself. Yet, I felt like I was doing something right. Even if I was failing at everything else,   I made my son smile on…

ON JANUARY 3, I posted this to my breastfeeding friends:

Happy New Year everyone!

So, I apologize in advance if this is a bit wordy and I think I just to write/think out my thoughts of the past 3 weeks. ( I hope that’s okay and seriously just skip over if it’s too much.) I feel like I’m trying to solve a mystery right now.

First of all, like many of the other babies, my son has been sick since Tuesday night with some kind of viral infection according to the doc we saw on Wednesday. ( I hope all the other cuties are feeling better. His fever finally started to come down today.)

December 13- allergic reaction to yogurt sends us to the ER

December 15- skin allergy test determines he is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, tree nuts as peanuts. I am instructed to cut out all of those allergens from my diet minus cooked cheese. However, he has never had a direct reaction from me after feeding. Stockpile is okay to use as well.

December 22-

– brought to doctor because his eye was crusty and was told he had double pink eye and an ear infection.

– oh and this doc begins to make jokes about me causing allergies …” What did mommy eat or didn’t eat during pregnancy “- yup not funny especially since I eat soooo healthy during pregnancy.

December 23

-I picked him up early at day care and when I walked in he was happily chilling on a swing scratching his hive- filled face after eating a jar of earth’s best apple first cranberry

-bring him to our new pediatrician who I now loooove…. She tells me he has ear infection and to continue Amoxicillin but he doesn’t have pink eye. She herself experienced breastfeeding on an elimination diet because her daughter had a ton of allergies and she outgrew them. She sends us back to allergist who does a skin test on him to test for the other grains.( oat, barley, potato,etc.) The jar he reacted to had oats. He informs us that he is not allergic to any of those based on skin test. However, he wants blood work.

December 24- I get a phone call from allergist that I need to strictly eliminate all egg, wheat, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts from my diet and do not use stockpile or I need to start formula ( he can only have two types and one is a soy based one.) Merry Christmas Eve to me ha – no Polish pierogies for me

December 30- some hives at night and a minor rash on belly – we worry it’s a side effect or reaction to amoxicillin so we make an appointment

December 31- we see a doctor who says he doesn’t think it is but it may be a minor reaction to amoxicillin so to stop it and that he has a viral infection -102 fever starts and random hives here and there

January 1-2

– 102 fever continues

– I receive 13 emails regarding his blood work – it appears that he is also allergic to oats and barley despite the skin test and I should cut out those from diet too !!! However, allergist is on vacation until January 5.

-He will not eat more than 1-1.5 ounces of solids at time and for three nights in a row will only drink 4-5 ounces of pumped milk nighttime (since two months old he drank 10 ounces at night which I know is a bit much ha) He then begins grabbing at his mouth and gums and crying. He also nursed a lot more during past three days.

January 2 – Right before bed, I notice two bulges on top gums where incisors would be.

I’ve emailed both his allergist for a plan on his allergies and how to reintroduce food back into my diet for him. However, I also said that I am now not convinced of the accuracy of the skin test given for fish, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs and dairy. I mean if oats was negative on skin and high in blood…. As much as I hate getting blood work done for him, isn’t that the safest bet to have a blood test done for those initial main allergens ? Especially if I’m eating a decent amount of soy now? Is this teething? Is this a viral thing, reactions to allergies and teething ? Or is all of this just what happens with a child with allergies?

In the meantime, I have also learned of my husband having severe eczema as a baby and was allergic to eggs in addition to walnuts and fillet fish. Oh he also randomly got hives the other day too and came to me laughing ” like father like son.” Ha!

Anyways, to wrap up this rant, I had been very sad and frustrated by it all for a couple weeks. I even told my husband I thought I was becoming depressed but I kept praying and praying for guidance and a direction to take in all of this. Then, yesterday I randomly felt inspired. I now have a new outlook, I am using this time to educate myself on everything I need to know about allergies and food by taking on the diet firsthand and trying to continue breastfeeding. I have already learned so much. Most importantly, I need to be his biggest advocate. I want to ensure that we are doing whatever it takes to get him to be in good health again and have the healthiest future. Okay now I’m done for now.

He smiles on and on…


Just when I started to think that I could do this all and change everything for the better..just when I started to gain back some control over myself and life….just when I started to feel like I was indeed a good mom for my son….we end up back in an ambulance and ER.

Here is my FB post to breastfeeding friends:

We are back in the ER … my son started to gag on the way to work/daycare so I pulled over and he had a red rash all over and throat was swollen. He is fine now but I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve cut everything he is allergic to out of my diet – I don’t understand what’s going on…

Two hours later…

We are on way home and then to allergist at 11:30. He  never had a single hive until I got the darn flu shot in October. I know I may sound nuts but I am  bringing it up at allergist. I agree and have been saying it all along. It seems like there is more to all of this than just allergies. But who am I? I’m praying to stay strong but I myself have been having some issues like ( dizziness, weight loss and that lump on breast which now doc told me is a clogged milk duct) This may all be anxiety but I’m just sooo worried and trying to stay strong. Like I haven’t eaten a single dairy , egg , tree nuts , wheat , oat , barley or peanut product since December 23. He has only eaten what I was advised was okay apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, string beans, pears, and avocado. If it was just those allergies, there would not be random hives and reactions. Right ?

Everything is just sitting very uneasy with me. I’m posting as I sit in the car letting him nap in between the hospital and allergist. The tests showed he is not allergic to apples or sweet potatoes. Pears, avocados, and bananas were not tested. He has eaten them for 2.5 month with no problems that’s what concerns me. It seems like the more we limit his diet the more allergies arise or is there something else going on …. Of course googling things are making me nuts as well. I’m going to ask the allergist a million questions. He is definitely sick of us because we already email almost daily ha

Later that afternoon after allergist…

Allergist thinks it’s dermatographic urticaria mixed with some food allergies which is making everything more complicated. So, he has very sensitive skin and gets random hives and reactions to environmental factors in addition to some food allergies. He is going to start take Zyrtec at night – a low dosage. Then more food allergy testing will be done but testing is tricky at this age because they are so young and it’s not so accurate so he is hopeful that he will outgrow the allergies he has. We are testing for all the fruits, veggies ,and meats he eats and will be introduced to next – plus soy because I consume a lot of soy now on this elimination diet for him. Then by treating with Zyrtec, we can hopefully control random environmental hives. After my blood work and his blood work come back, I will determine if I can continue this diet for my own health. There are more serious diseases and conditions that are out there that I brought up because of all my reading online but he doesn’t think it’s those – please pray.

After blood work…

They got a lot of blood and are testing for autoimmune diseases as well. Please pray that results are negative and we just have super hyper-sensitive skin with some current food allergies.

My Friday evening consisted of gluten free pizza that my husband made for me since the gluten free pizza I was ordering from a pizzeria was using a dough that was gluten free but had milk and egg.  We determined this when he got some red blotches on his face on a couple Saturday mornings when I ate this the night before.   Therefore, homemade pizza it is.   And of course, I barely make it until 8:30 pm before I am falling asleep.  My son sleeps and smiles on…


I spent a great deal of these days trying to reduce my anxiety.   I feared driving with my son now and being alone with him, worrying about every single noise he made and every red mark on his body.  I worried about everything about him! I was losing my mind and I knew I needed to change it all.   It was up to me to change the direction and path I was going down.   This was when I told my husband something that I had not shared to anyone.   I had spent my entire life counting or estimating my daily calories.   In times of anxiety and stress, I counted more strictly.   I was starting to do this and obsess about my weight which was getting less and less.   I was now a couple pounds less than before I was pregnant.   I knew it was all due to the stress of these food allergies and how out of my control they were. I wanted control over them and everywhere I turned someone had some conflicting words and advice.   I needed to snap out of this….

  • There was a moment when I truly snapped out of it or at least started to work toward it.   I was at work and rushing around, on the verge of tears which was usual during this past month.   As I rushed, I slammed my head against my classroom door near my eye.  Having to go to the main office to check something, I went upstairs crying and holding my head like a crazed lunatic.  The main secretary came right to me as my eye was swelling a little bit. She dragged me out of there as others questioned me.  She took me to the nurse’s office, gave me ice, and sat me down.  I remember in that moment feeling as though everything was just horrible.  In fact, I worried that I myself was sick and dying. Looking back, it is sooo scary how anxiety can really take over your thinking process and cloud out all positivity and sense. That is when my secretary who knew of everything going on in my life said something that I will never forget.   She sternly warned me, “You need to stop.   You have an amazingly happy little guy who loves you and needs you.   he is going to grow up so fast and you are going to waste away these times with him if you don’t just stop.   Stop and enjoy that beautiful baby.   He needs his mommy.   You are fine.  You hit your head.   Go take this ice and go pick him up and enjoy him.”

Yup, that woke me up and I went to pick him up.  I just needed a hit to the head, literally, to wake up….No one said this would be easy.  In fact, everyone including our allergist and pediatrician basically said it will suck and most women decide it’s too hard and give formula.   I want to say that I 100% respect everyone who decided that formula in this situation or any other situation was the right decision for them and their families.   That is what it is what it is all about.  Doing what is right for you and your family regardless of the critics.  Because the reality is, there will always be critics.   There will always be someone telling you that you should have done things differently, that you are not doing something right, questioning things that you yourself question.   What I am learning is that there is never one correct solution.   Instead, everyone’s situation and problem has too many variables to have a “right decision.” It’s been quite freeing since I have learned to truly say “whatever” in my mind when people question me.

Anyways, when I got to my son’s school he was sitting there waiting in a walker of course smiling on…

A friend shared this with me and it hit home…


January 22

My Facebook post update on my breastfeeding page…

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week.

Update: Blood work showed that my son  is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, sesame oil, peanuts, almonds, hazelnut, pistachio, oats, and barley. Allergist is hopeful he will outgrow most and will retest at 14 months.

There is only one formula he can be on so I’m continuing to breastfeed on this elimination diet for now. However, now I have a new plan and maybe I’m just annoying with all of this. But for some reason, I can’t just settle on how everything is right now. I feel like I need to learn more about how different food is transmitted through breast milk.

After speaking with another mom whose son had almost all the same allergies and outgrew all but soy so far at the age of 2, she did an elimination diet but was told by a lactation specialist that certain food is okay to still eat in her diet because of the way the body metabolizes it before the baby gets it.  And he has outgrown almost all allergies and he is only 2.5.Therefore, the next step/thing that I want to do is to find and speak with someone who specializes in this. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • This is how I received contact information for another mom who was also a pediatrician. Two of her four children have food allergies.
  • I also was reminded of another dietician/nutritionist who also did an elimination diet herself years ago. I contacted her and set up an appointment.

I too, like my son, began to smile on…


Today, I met with who we will call Nutritionist #2.  I loved everything she had to say and suggest. She told me that I could and should add several things to my diet such as chick peas, Plant Fusion protein shakes, goat cheese (Again I became excited with the goat cheese until my allergist shot it down.) She also told me that I should be eating an avocado a day.  I will post a weekly diet of food and meals that work for me and snacks that are allergen free that I personally think are delicious. I loved that she confidently said when I first walked in, “this is how your son is going to outgrow his allergies.”   She suggested that I take a powder prenatal vitamin instead of a pill.   Also, she told me that my son should start a probiotic that she highly recommended.   So, you know when I got home I ordered both.  Unfortunately, even before the probiotic arrived, something made my husband look up the ingredients with me and sure enough, MILK WAS IN IT! I got frustrated at first but only for a few minutes.   Then, I just thought about how the probiotic thing was a common denominator across several doctors, nutritionists, and mothers.   Therefore, that was definitely something we needed to start in order to build up his good bacteria..  However, the dairy-free version probiotic would be what we used.  Of course, as I continued my research, he smiled on…

December 2014 Entries


My son wakes up happy as can be.  No rashes, no hives, no signs of anything… In fact, his face looked better than usual…probably the steroids.   We even tried to meet Santa for the first time at the mall.

In conversation this evening, my husband just brought up that he had an egg allergy when he was little. The things you learn years and years later. So my husband had eczema, walnut allergy, fillet fish allergy and now egg …. I wonder what else I will soon learn.

Overall, I felt a lot better about it all…especially since he smiles on…


Today, we went to our schools like a typical day. Then, I picked him up and met my husband at the pediatrician’s office.   Since our pediatrician was on maternity leave, she saw another one who we loved. She herself had experiences food allergies with her children so she sent us directly to the allergist for testing.   Poor little guy did not have much of an afternoon after school.

At the allergist, he does a skin test of the main allergens. (soy, fish, wheat, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts) Before the test was given, I had been stressing out about getting home in time for my son’s nighttime routines and bedtime.   However, when the allergist stepped out of the room for what seemed like an hour but in reality was less than five minutes, I glanced at my son’s arms.   I didn’t know much about allergy testing but I had a horrible feeling that he was going to be allergic to all of them.   However, when he came back, I was wrong.   According to the skin test, he was allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts.

I am not one who has ever been able to cover my emotions, even if I had tried, there was no holding back my tears. What happens now? I thought about my son’s diet, introducing new foods,  breastfeeding, my diet, his first birthday, etc. The thoughts were endlessly overwhelming me. Once again, what had I done to cause this?

As I pump and cry after we put my son to bed, I wrote to my breastfeeding friends on our FB page:

  • Had him allergy tested… I’m devastated. He is allergic to sooo much. I feel like I am to blame. I don’t even know where to start with all of this.I can breastfeed – I just need to cut out dairy unless it’s cooked, cut out peanuts and wheat as much as possible. Like I’m sooo worried about my stockpile but I scalded all of it so it’s fine ? I literally need to change sooo much I eat …. I’m going to try … It’s a lot to process. He is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, almonds, peanuts and tree nuts. I have eaten a peanut butter and banana sandwich almost every day for lunch since he was born. The cereal and snacks I eat every day have wheat. The allergist told me that my stockpile and bottles I pumped should be fine since he never had a reaction to them. However, I’m still scared but that’s sooooo much breast milk to waste !!! Doctor said he is hopeful he will outgrow all but peanuts and tree nuts. He said 80 percent chance of outgrowing wheat, eggs and dairy. He told me to avoid milk, almond milk, peanut butter from now on and all cheese that isn’t cooked. I’m so scared to eat anything. I’m scared to use stockpile and pumped milk.

I cry, yet he smiles on…

DECEMBER 19, 2014

I am feeling better after a lot of praying and thinking…I post to my Breastfeeding (BF) FB page…

So as I always do, I was reflecting on Saturday night and everything this week. I’ve always believed and found that everything happens for a reason even the shittiest of things ( pardon my language). Therefore, aside from changing my diets, informing and educating daycare, I was trying to figure out what the reason for all of this was. And I think I have my answer or at least the answer I’m choosing to tell myself. I noticed this week that as about 5-6 babies sit around a table together when they eat meals, many of them eat yogurt. While the yogurt was not right in front of them, it was in reaching distance if they tried. These babies are messy and also relentless, determined little guys and girls when they want something. From now, he needs to eat by himself or at least away from yogurt eaters and after the table has been wiped down with Chlorox which makes me sad but for now it’s in his best interest.

We are praying he outgrows many or most of these. However, I feel better knowing that this happened with us and not in daycare if he ever reached and grabbed yogurt. I think Saturday was truly God’s way of keeping him safe in the long term. While I’ve cut out all or most of the allergens out of my diet, I am using my stockpile and considering getting a second opinion about my own diets and breastfeeding since he never had a reaction from me directly. Daycare also kept pushing me to stop breastfeeding so I said something this week that after consulting with pediatrician, allergist and my husband, we are not opposed to formula at all but continuing to breastfeed is the best option for us now. I also told them that I didn’t appreciate them pushing the issue. That evening I received an email from the owner telling me all of the steps they are taking to keep him safe and that they all fully support our decision to continue to breastfeed for now. Anyways that’s my looooong update. Happy Friday!

Now, we both smile on…

DECEMBER, 23, 2014

The weekend was great especially since I was finally letting go of some of my mommy guilt.   It was a short week of work, only 1.5 days because of the upcoming holiday. After school on Tuesday, a half day, I went to go pick up my son from school.   As I walked in, he was swinging in a swing, rubbing at his face.   My stomach dropped to floor as I began to panicking, going to get a closer look.   HIVES ALL OVER FACE!

I panicked, started to cry, called my husband, asked a million questions….I was afraid to drive and leave if something happened in the car.   My husband called the pediatrician who we had now been dealing with and she said to come in.   Therefore, we went right there.   My husband met me there too because I was terrified.   Why was this happening?  Was it my breast milk? After questioning the teachers in the classroom, they had not noticed anything strange.   Right before I had gotten there, they had given him a jar of Earth’s Best organic cranberry turkey and apple.

The pediatrician said that she thought we should go directly to the allergist in the practice that she herself used and that we had also been using.   While the hives were now gone, we went to the allergist who happened to be working right down the street on this day.   He did a skin test of all the grains since our pediatrician said she thought it was the rolled oat in the jar that he had reacted to.   However, the skin test came up negative for everything tested (oat, barley, buckwheat, corn, potato, sweet potato)   However, the allergist wanted blood testing for all of these plus apple and cranberry.   So, we went right there to get blood testing; however, they could not get any blood from his tiny vein.  How awful it was to hear him screaming.   Once again, mommy guilt was building up and I truly felt like I could explode with frustration and emotion.   How could I have caused this pain and suffering to my small innocent son?

We left with no blood; however, an appointment with another guy at a different location who was apparently great with small children. As we walked out of the building that day, I could not even post to my breastfeeding FB page.   I had no energy left in me….I felt so depressed and helpless….yet my son just continued to smile all the way home…

DECEMBER 24, 2014

Here is the post that I wrote on December 24, 2014 on my breastfeeding friends…

Post 1:

To start, I apologize for sending this on Christmas Eve. I’m hysterically crying yet again and I don’t know what to do. I originally was told to try to cut as much of his allergens as possible out of diet because of my son’s diet. ( tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, wheat and eggs) However, the allergist and doctor told me that cooked cheese on pizza and pizza once or twice a week was fine. Today, my allergist called me up and instructed that I now should avoid everything strictly. However, he has never had a reaction to me or my frozen supply. This is all because of him having a hive reaction to a jar of solids at daycare. I honestly can barely eat anything I use to … I have an appointment with another allergist on January 13 but I don’t know what to do … I can’t use my stockpile anymore for now, ounces and ounces and ounces of milk … I honestly don’t know what to do. Sorry just venting..

Post 2:

Thanks everyone for letting me vent and for the great suggestions. I went to Whole Foods and got a ton. Now that I’m thinking more rationally it’s not even about my diet, I’ll cut out and do whatever I need to do to ensure his best interests are in mind. My main focus is trying to figure out what will give him the greatest chance of outgrowing as many of these allergies as possible. My allergist is leaning toward formula. I’m so torn. Anyways, let me stop being Scrooge on Christmas Eve…

I cry and drink wine, but he still smiles on…