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For the First Time – Study Proves Eczema is an Autoimmune Disease

In our house, my almost 20 month old son has eczema.   While it is under control for the most part, he experiences periods of flare ups and has certain problem areas almost always.   During breastfeeding, I myself developed what I was told by a dermatologist was mild eczema on my lips and hands.   The flare ups went away after I stopped breastfeeding unless I am battling a sickness of some kind.  In addition to this, my husband battled horrible eczema as a young child until the age of 8.  Therefore, eczema is an area we are all too familiar with.   With that being said, we found the following article interesting and wanted to share as we smile on this beautiful Saturday…


For the First Time – Study Proves Eczema is an Autoimmune Disease

Source: http://www.healthline.com/

Americans with allergies have low microbiota diversity: NIH Study

The gut microbiota of American adults with allergies is markedly different from people without allergies, particularly for nut and seasonal pollen allergies, says a new study from scientists at the NIH.

Source: Americans with allergies have low microbiota diversity: NIH Study

Food Allergy Study

The following is an interesting research study  at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.


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Handing Down Food Allergies

Because this is something always on my mind if indeed I am blessed to have any more little cuties, I wanted to share the following article.   Wishing everyone an amazing weekend, we smile on…

Food Allergies May Not Always Be Handed Down Between Siblings

Source: http://www.medicaldaily.com/

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Research Article: Atopic Dermatitis & the Peanut Allergy

“History and severity of atopic dermatitis (AD) are risk factors for peanut allergy. Recent evidence suggests that children can become sensitized to food allergens through an impaired skin barrier… “


Read more about this research here: Atopic dermatitis increases the effect of exposure to peanut antigen in dust on peanut sensitization and likely peanut allergy

Source: http://www.jacionline.org/

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