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Dr James R. Baker’s Food Allergy Year in Review

Dr. James R. Baker’s following article reviewing the past year and the important advancements in the world of food allergies gives us hope to smile on…

Food Allergy Year in Review – Collaborating for Change

Source: http://allergicliving.com/

Breakthrough Food Allergy Therapies

The following article explains two breakthrough therapies for food allergies. While it brings great hope for the future, the financial aspect is once again concerning.   However, we smile on in faith and wanted to share about these emerging therapies…


Source: http://snacksafely.com/

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‘Peanut Patch’ Heads to Phase III Trials

Check out the following article regarding the “Peanut Patch” and smile on with us to an even more hopeful future…

“This is the first specific therapy for food allergy to be approved to enter a Phase III trial, which is the final phase before consideration by the FDA for approval in the market.”

Full Article Source: ‘Peanut Patch’ Heads to Phase III Trials

For more information regarding this “Peanut Patch,” click here.