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TIPSy TUESDAYS – Always Read Labels – The Reality of Hidden Allergens – PART 2 (SESAME)

From food to non-food products, it is extremely crucial to be on the look out for hidden allergens. Reading food labels and learning about ingredients becomes second nature when living with food allergies.   However, even when you are comfortable with a product, it is important still double check the label especially since companies can change the makeup of their products. In addition, the ingredients in many everyday items will amaze you at times.   I know that I continue to be surprised by many of the components of common foods and non-food products.

Here is some of the information about SESAME that I have learned throughout the course of this journey so far. (It does NOT include every location of these allergens as we are still learning.)


In the United States, sesame is one of the top 10 most common food allergies; however, currently only the top 8 are required by law to be listed on food labels.   Therefore, it is often trickier to manage. Those with a sesame allergy need to be aware of the other names for sesame.

Here are some of these other names for sesame: Anjonjoli, Til, Benne, Gingelly, Simsim, Teel

Also, with a sesame allergy, one must avoid all sesame seed and sesame oil products.  Sesame oil is usually not refined like many other oils.  Because sesame is a difficult allergy to manage, I have listed both the obvious and more hidden places where sesame seeds/oil may be found.


Someone with a sesame allergy must avoid and understand the following words:

  • Sesame seed and sesame oil
  • Sesame Seeds = Sesamum indicum (The scientific name for sesame)
  • Sesame = Simsim (Name for sesame in East Africa)
  • Sesame salt = Gomasio
  • Sesame seed paste = Tahini
  • Halvah =sesame flour + honey; a Middle Eastern confection
  • Sesamol = component of sesame oil
  • Gingelly oil = another name for sesame oil
  • Hummus = spread or paste made from sesame seeds, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, garlic (and other added ingredients based on variety)

Sesame may be hidden behind labeled ingredients of:

  • spices
  • natural flavors
  • seeds

Food items that sesame may sometimes be found in: (Very important to read every label and inquire when dining out.)


  • dips and spreads like chutney
  • falafel and related products
  • rices, noodles, stews, stir fry, risotto
  • sauces
  • processed meats, chicken, sausage, veggie burgers
  • breads, bagels, rolls, pastries,
  • bread crumbs, bread sticks
  • cereals and muesli
  • crackers, pita chips
  • cakes, granola bars, protein bars
  • candy and trail mix
  • appetizers (not just sesame chicken)
  • Asian cuisine (like sushi)
  • Middle Eastern cuisine (like halvah &tahini)
  • Gluten free products
  • And the list goes on…

Non-food items that may contain sesame oil:

  • lip gloss & products (Sometimes listed as sesamum indicum -sesame seed oil)
  • skin cream

Additional Sesame Seed/Oil Allergy Information

(Source: Allergy Experts US Website )

Sesame Allergy

(Source: Kids with Food Allergies Website)

Since I know I learned a lot by writing this post, I am confident that others will also find it informational so we smile on…

Disclaimer: This blog is a personal blog and used as a way of sharing and connecting with other readers. The posts, articles, and stories shared on the site are meant as a source of encouragement. In this challenging world of food allergies, I have found reaching out to other parents and people in my shoes to be extremely resourceful and inspiring. Therefore, I want to give back and do the same. The information on my blog is not intended as medical advice so as always, please consult with your doctor.

TIPSy TUESDAYS – Always Read Labels –

Favorite Finds Friday – Enjoy Life

After discovering TJ’s multiple food allergies, we decided it was best to continue breastfeeding at least until he had more options for a milk source.   Therefore, I breastfed TJ on an elimination diet from December to June until he was 13.5 months and had “passed” a soy challenge.  That meant no dairy, eggs, wheat, oats, barley, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and sesame products, and a limited amount of coconut only in morning coffee.   Aside from those first weeks of the diet change when I felt all out of sorts aka “crazy,” I actually did not mind the diet.  In fact, I enjoyed it. However, the only things that I missed were my favorite dairy creamer, pizza, and chocolate.

Before having TJ, I was never a chocolate person.   In fact, being more of a vanilla person, I barely ever ate it.  However, those early weeks of motherhood changed me in more ways than one.  I now craved chocolate.  I found myself wanting to have some kind of chocolate a couple of times each day.   Even if it was as simple as a tootsie roll lollipop, it did the trick.

However, dairy free means no chocolate! I did not realize this at first.   A few days in into the diet when reviewing everything I was eating now, it hit me.  After throwing away my candy stash, I looked for different options to replace it with.

That is when my husband found Enjoy Life products at our local Shoprite. These products are sooo delicious while being free of the top eight allergens (wheat/gluten, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish). In addition, these products don’t contain casein, potato, sesame, or sulfites while also being free of GMOs. While they may not know it, this company definitely helped me through a challenging time, giving us all a reason to smile on….

Here is one of my favorite Enjoy Life products.