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I thought that this was such an interesting and great idea so wanted to share! Love that there are so many creative people (companies) out there inventing products to help keep people with life-threatening food allergies safe… so we smile on…



Favorite Finds Friday

My favorite find for this week is TJ’s first real cereal, Original Kix cereal. Like I posted earlier this week, because of TJ’s multiple food allergies, finding breakfast foods that he will and can eat has been the most challenging. It has been a full week since we were first able to safely and successfully introduce the first real cereal to his diet. He continues to enjoy it and his body is still doing wonderfully with it. Although this may not seem like much, it is such an amazing thing to see TJ snacking on and eating something that other kids his age are enjoying as well.  It is even a greater feeling when he sees the Kix box and starts reaching for it, excited to eat something!  There have not been very many foods that he has done that for.

However, before introducing every new food or product, there are steps that we take to try to ensure TJ’s utmost safety. So once again we play detective …


Step 1) We did our own initial research about the ingredients. After reading the label, it appeared that it did not contain anything TJ was allergic to. Kix contained mostly corn ingredients.


Step 2) Emailed and check with both our pediatrician and allergist asking if it was a safe food for him. Both approved!


Step 3) While we waited for their email responses, we researched more on our own especially since the box was not labeled gluten-free. We read gluten-free websites/blogs including the following one and asked other moms/parents.


*It is important to note once again that everyone’s body reacts differently to foods and products. For example, one mom who I spoke with had a son with almost the exact same allergies as TJ. However, her son’s mouth would get itchy from Kix. What works for one person as a safe food does not mean it will work for the next.

Step 4) Introduce slowly and with caution. Be optimistically cautious. The first day I gave TJ four Kix puffs.  Then, watched him.   With a few minutes, he had a red spot on his forehead so I did not give any more that day.   Since he had been playing, his skin may have been irritated by an environmental factor due to his dermographism. Then, we tried it again another day with success and continued this introduction for a full week.  It was a success!


To conclude, thank you General Mills for your creating Kix, a cereal that TJ can eat despite his allergies. Because I know God is working within TJ and guiding our steps, we are beyond thankful for this product and continue to smile on…

god is good

New FDA Requirements on Food Safety Elevate Allergen Controls

New regulations released last week from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now include several provisions related to food “allergen cross-contact” that elevate the importance of allergen management in the manufacturing environment. The new additions to the “Current Good Manufacturing Practices,” a regulation that has existed since 1986, signal increased recognition by the FDA, the […]