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Steps to Kill Hidden Bad Bugs in Your Gut

In recent months, I have become very interested in the gut health of my family.   It is an area that I not only find fascinating, but also empowering when I find other ways to improve it.   While it may sound silly to some, I truly believe that this is where some of our focus needs to go when improving the overall health of our family.   With that being said, check out the following article and smile on to “good bugs” with us…


Source: http://drhyman.com/

Gut Restoration

Understanding Your Own Microbiome

Here is another article regarding the topic of gut restoration and health. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.  Smiling on to a happy Monday…

The Microbiome Diet: Evolving Past Paleo

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/healthy-living/

Gut Restoration

The Importance Of Bacteria Exposure To Prevent Eczema

Since this is a topic that I am beyond interested in, I wanted to share this post about bacteria exposure and gut health. Check it out and smile on with us…

Our Eczema Story

As a child, we all played in the dirt. And we just rinsed ourselves off under the garden hose. Our parents didn’t use antibacterial wipes on things before we played with them and they certainly didn’t have antibacterial stations around the office (or factory back then).

Our obsession with keeping everything so clean has come back to bite us. Our bodies actually need exposure to bugs to grow strong immune systems. And our immune system needs to be strong to ensure we are healthy. Weak immune systems can cause all sorts of health issues and diseases, one of which we have discovered is eczema.

Check out this ABC News article titled “Study shows bacteria could prevent eczema“, where there is a very good discussion on this topic, as well as gut health which is equally important and can equally cause all sorts of health issues if it is not…

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Antibiotic Overuse and Allergies?

In my personal life, I really try not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and always try natural methods first.  In the past couple of months, I have even become interested in and intrigued by essential oils.  While I still have some research to do about these oils before I decide whether to purchase them for myself, this next article really encourages me to continue this research asap.   Check it out….and smile on with us for it’s almost the weekend…


Antibiotic Overuse Might Be Why So Many People Have Allergies



Restoring Gut Bacteria

Whether you have food allergies or not, there is a lot of information out there stating the importance of having a healthy gut. I know that I need to continue to find ways to restore healthy bacteria in my own. Even though I have no food allergies, I do have some sensitivities to certain foods like yogurt and regular cow’s milk. Below are two articles I found very informative about this exact concern, healing the gut. Once again, sharing is caring so we smile on…

What do you do to promote your own gut or overall health?