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Favorite Finds Friday: Baby & Toddler Food Containers

Since even before we learned of TJ’s multiple food allergies, we made most of his baby food while also using some trusted brands of baby food jars.  Then after learning about his allergies, for several months we made ALL of his baby food.  This was a decision made by us and recommended by his doctors after he was having reactions at times to some of the jars.   Even though we later learned that these reactions were due to his oat, wheat, and barley allergies, we continued to make all of his food for about three months.  During this time, we spent Saturday mornings preparing all of his food for the entire week for both home and day care.   It was time-consuming but definitely what we felt was the right decision for him at the time.


During those months, freezer/refrigerator space and storage were often a problem.   However, the following product truly worked magic!


Source: http://www.oxo.com/

IMG_4337 IMG_4340

Not only did these containers save our refrigerator because of their ability to be stacked so perfectly, they are easily transferred to and from day care.   While we started to use this product last October 2014, they continue to be a trusted product we still use daily 13 months later. Because of that, we wanted to share as we smile on to the weekend…

Favorite Finds Friday – Buddy

While my favorite find of the week is not directly related to food allergies and eczema, it has definitely helped with everything in many ways.   Over the past couple of months, TJ has grown to looooove his stuffed animals.  He not only carries them around with him but also loves to pile them up and roll around with them. (At first, while I thought it was beyond adorable, I worried the rubbing against his skin would cause hives or an eczema flare up. However, to date, it has never done that!)
Out of all of these stuffed buddies, Buddy  is his favorite.
Buddy comes on walks, grocery shops,  plays with us, and has brought TJ additional comfort.
In addition, Buddy comes on most car rides and has helped with keeping TJ from scratching at his eczema during most of these drives. During last school year, car rides were stressful for both of us. No matter my antics, many times TJ would throw his toys, take off his sneakers and scratch away at his eczema, sometimes causing it to bleed. Thank God for protecting us during those times as I am not sure how I didn’t get into an accident. Driving with screaming babies on traffic-packed highways is not an enjoyable experience. So far this year, we have only had a couple difficult rides. Thank you Buddy and your pals for that.
Also, with the start of day care again, Buddy helps bring TJ comfort when I drop him off. I no longer drop off just my son but also this awesome stuffed guy or one of his other pals. Mostly Buddy though…
This Friday, I thank Taggies for their excellent and adorable product and products.  Mornings are brighter and less stressful because of this stuffed pup. Last but not least, thank you Buddy for watching out for my little guy and bringing even more smiles to our days …


What is your child’s favorite toy? What was your favorite toy growing up? How did or does it bring comfort to your days?