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Legos For Days

It’s so incredible to watch the personality, gifts and talents of a child unfold. All are so distinct and special from each other, a great reminder of how each of us is our own unique person, even at a young age. A great reminder that all of us have our own God-given gifts and purpose.

As a special education teacher, it is my job to discover and teach to each individual student’s own talents and strengths. It is both my privilege and obligation to empower them against any challenges they may have or face. It’s part of my nature now to do this in the classroom. However, in the home, it is a bit more complicated at times.

Both my husband and I played sports for most of our lives and assumed that our children would want to too. And even though they are both so young yet at the ages of 2 and 5, their little but LARGE personalities and interests are already shining through …

I first saw this with my son. He may not be asking to go throw a football right now; but he is following in my husband’s footsteps of loving Legos. Since the age of 2.5, TJ has loved puzzles, activity sticker books, creating, building and taking objects apart. Literally, he could spend hours, and even days partaking in these activities. Proud Mama over here when he turned four and started to tackle legos made for as high up as 10 years old and older.

It’s all fun and games until you have 10 boxes of Legos and pieces all over the place.

That is when we created TJ’s LEGO room. While it now holds 40 sets and counting, it is much more organized these days, even if TJ takes it apart five times a day.

So while I can’t help but to be a little sad as we transform his room from baby giraffes and elephants to Legos for days, I also can’t help but to be proud of the amazing person he is and continues to become. A nice organization system amongst the mess helps the transition as well…

Madi wanted in on the fun too…

Worry-Free Wednesdays: Let Your Smile Change the World


Today, my son needs to go to the allergist to receive his flu shot.  Having it given at his doctor’s office is a precaution since most types of this vaccine contain a very small amount of egg protein.  However, he is required to receive it. Check out more information about the egg allergy and the flu vaccine here.

Every time I start to worry, I pray and remind myself to trust in God’s protection over him. With that being said, we will not let this vaccination or fear of reaction change our smiles.  Instead, we smile on in faith…

Hope is what we crave
And that will never change
So I stand and wait
I need a drop of grace
To carry me today
A simple song to sing
It’s written on my soul
Hope’s what You gave

“Hope is What We Crave”For King and Country