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What Drives You Crazy?

Think about someone close to you.

What’s one thing that drives you crazy about this person whether it is a loved one, significant other, spouse, family member or friend? 

Or maybe there’s a few things?

As much as we would like to say, there is nothing.  With time,  most, if not all of us develop those pet peeves that can lead to inevitable arguments, disagreements, or situations.

The reality is they exist… and while compromise is a crucial part of any relationship, sometimes it is not possible.  Instead, it may require some acceptance on our part.

Accept it!??! That one thing that drives us crazy!?!?! Oh heck no!!!

But wait….

and hear me out…

The thing that drove me crazy for years was my husband’s love (aka obsession) for our grass. Perfect grass was not possible in the life of a family of two young kids and a Labrador. Yet, he spent hours relentlessly making sure that our lawn would one day be just that…perfect!

Untitled design (20).png

In fact, one summer his deep partnership with our lawn, required many weekend afternoons caring for it.  Yet, after our basement flooded, we needed to have a lot of work done in the backyard to prevent future ones.  As our backyard was beginning to have more and more of the perfect set up for a barbecue or summer party, one patch of his beloved grass was destroyed by the workers. Therefore, any parties, barbecues, or actually … anyone near that area of lawn … was forbidden for the rest of the summer.

I tried… I really did… but when your husband comes home and runs to greet his growing patch of grass before his wife and kids…

…I admit I lost it! (A few times!)

That was until I took on a poetry challenge.   I love poetry and have been writing it for most of my life.  It had been around this time last summer where I wanted to push deeper with it… to push for a dream of mine a bit more seriously, the dream to be published

Therefore, I heard from a poet friend about an opportunity.   It required me to devise a poem base don a prompt and model poem.  If chosen, it would be published in an upcoming book. So what did I have to lose?

When I sat to review the prompts, one jumped out at me:

“For your own love poem, zero in on a single talent your beloved has.”

Right away, his grass jumped into my head.  His grass! My pet peeve – his passion…

Could that really been seen as a positive thing? A talent? This obsession that drove me mad!

The task called for me to learn about this talent and turn it into a metaphor.  Therefore, I sat outside on that late Spring evening, and asked him questions about terms I never knew existed. Or if I’m being completely honest, terms I never cared about. Or rather…never tried to care about…

Strangely enough, not only did a poem get drafted that was soon chosen to be published, but somehow something that drove me crazy for years turned a new leaf.  Suddenly, I did not feel so crazed over it either…



Who’s kept receipts anyways
things you’ve learned over these years
growth you’ve sang into the grass
never doubting sun and rain to not agree
what steps to grow what patience set free

why throw dough to someone’s stranger
when you can spread the seed or at least
you’ll start using the rototiller
sweating over the inches
spreading over the daunting dirt

so many weekends to foster new year’s lawn
fertilizer for the poking patches
tall fescue perennial rye
manual hose automatic display
and tools I cannot even say

sun and water and more seed
depend on you
to know how to apply
and bring back to life
lean on you never to die

– JK


For more poems and excellent poetry writing tips from this collection, check out the following book:

“The Practicing Poet: Writing Beyond the Basics” – Diane Lockward


In the meantime, try it out sometimes, embrace what drives you crazy about someone you love, learn more about it, and see what happens.   I did not know it at the time, but it was the perfect way to combat or rather extinguish many potential arguments.

Try to find out why they love “that thing” so much.

We may always have patches of imperfect grass that call my husband to spend hours tending to it… that make me want to pull the hair out of my head…

but at least we can appreciate the beauty of its growth more…

…at least I can appreciate the passion and man behind it…

…and hopefully we can have a few barbecues in the meantime too…

Encouraging Thunder Award


Encouraging Thunder Award

Thank you @http://cathylynnbrooks.com/ for nominating me for this blogging award. I really appreciate the encouragement and recognition.

My Nominees are:






My purpose for blogging:

To start, I must admit that I am a strong believer in cliches and an even stronger believer in God working in my life through the good and the bad.   With that being said, I am no expert and will never claim to be.   Instead, my faith and determination to do everything that I possibly can are my driving forces in this as well as everything in my life.

Going back to cliches and beliefs,  “everything happens for a reason” and “God will never give you more than you can handle” are two pieces of major motivation for me.   I believe that I was given this life and dealt its cards for a specific reason or reasons.   It is in the moments that I feel a sense of inspiration that I must act.  This is exactly what I am doing by starting this blog. Plus, someone very wise and dear to me sparked the fire in me a couple of months ago when he said, “prayer with belief is powerful.” Therefore, I have no choice but to pray the biggest prayers and believe with the fullest faith. They say that one’s true character builds during times of difficulty and struggle. When I gave my son his first taste of yogurt, I did not know that I would be thrown into the world of food allergies. Before that single taste, I had been naive about the severity and seriousness that could be associated with a food allergy. It was extremely eye-opening on so many levels.

Throughout much of my life, challenges with food were definitely on my list of vices. After winning the battle against an eating disorder as a teenager, I continue to have to catch myself during difficult times in life to make sure that I don’t start to resort to old ways as a way of trying to control the inevitable, life.   However, battling for yourself is much different than battling for someone else, someone too young and innocent to know what is going on.  Someone too young to be scared and speak up from themselves.   Someone who then turns to you and says with no words, only their eyes, “Mommy help me.” On Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 5 pm in the evening, just when I was getting into the routine of being back at work as a working mom, food challenged me to my biggest obstacle yet. Food allergies!

Back in March, I started this blog as an outlet for all of the emotions I was feeling and information that I was learning. Instead of sending long-winded text message updates to everyone who simply asked how TJ was doing, I also saw this site as a way of keeping family and friends updated on our journey. By sharing our story and the valuable information that we learn along the way, I hope to help educate others about this world of food allergies and eczema. Most importantly, I want to encourage all who reads this blog to “let your faith be bigger than your fear.” 

Thank you for reading our story and I look forward to hearing about your experiences as well.

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