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Because of TJ’s multiple food allergies, finding breakfast foods that he will and can eat has been the most challenging. This weekend we were able to safely and successfully introduce the first real cereal to his diet. So far, he seems to really enjoy it and his body is doing wonderfully with it. Although this may not seem like much, to us this is amazing news! Because I know God is working within TJ and guiding our steps, we are beyond thankful and continue to smile on…



Snack Safely – Safe Snack List (Updated on August 12, 2015)

SNACK SAFELY is an excellent resource for snacking safely with food allergies that our middle school’s nurse shared with us yesterday during training.  Love it!

This site updates this list 2-3 times a month.   I plan to read and download these updates so wanted to also share as we continue to smile on… 


From Obvious to Hidden Allergens – Common Toddler Foods

When I think of toddlers and young children, there are some foods that I view of as staples. Many of these common snacks, TJ cannot have yet due to his allergies.  Aside from the obvious ones like yogurt, yogurt bites, and cheese sticks…


There are a bunch of others that contain milk, wheat, or some of the other allergens that some people, including myself may not have known before this.


  1. Cheerioscontains wheat & oats


2. Rice Krispiescontains malt flavoring which is usually made from the gluten grain, barley


3. Goldfish – (although made with smiles)contains wheat and dairy


4. RITZ Crackerscontains wheat and barley

(It also contains soy but TJ can eat soy now.)


This is an excellent resource about hidden dairy in products for all ages.



These are just some of the common yummy toddler snacks that TJ cannot yet have.   However, we have faith that he will one day be able to try these delicious products.  In the meantime, we are very thankful all of the products TJ can safely snack on now and as he continues to get older.  For now, we must look at the bright side.  TJ has one of the healthiest diet ever so with that positive thought, we snack and smile on …


What’s On the Menu- TJ’s Food

Mealtimes are becoming better and better.   However, for awhile there, they were so stressful.  While we are very limited in what we give TJ, there are great resources out there for babies/toddlers and eating.  Here is one of my favorites.

1) – TJ loves the meatball recipe especially.   We just modify it, replacing some of the ingredients with ones that he can have such as buck wheat.

2) Also, the following site was extra helpful with how to add more iron into TJ’s diet. Fingers crossed that his levels went up when he is retested in two weeks.

3)This third site is a great resource that I do plan to use when I am ready.  (As of now, I am not quite there yet.  Keeping things simple and as they are for the next two weeks until this next round of blood work is done. Why add more foods when TJ has been really doing so well with his current diet? At least for now…)

4) The following is the chart that we try to use to ensure that TJ is receiving well-balanced meals.  Grains are most difficult for us due to being limited with wheat, oat, and barley allergies.   Also, egg is present in most breads and baked products which makes it even more difficult. IMG_0772(1)