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The Name Change

The Art of a Messy House

In the midst of the mess, there is unprecedented beauty and nothing less. – Jen
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            When you ask someone to define beauty, most people will ponder for a bit before beginning to describe an emotion, individual, or quality that takes our breath away.  Not many people, would ineptly reply, “beauty is my messy house.”
That is where many of us are mistaken though.   Hear me out …
For myself, there was much of my life that I believed beauty radiated on the outside from what was beneath my layers.  But then again, that was also detrimental for most of my life. Because not only did I struggle with the reflection the mirror shined back at me, but I also agonized over the fact that the qualities that I wanted, I lacked.   Therefore, I labeled myself as beauty’s antagonist for more years than I would like to admit.  My own worst enemy …
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However, as the years continued to tick on and now fly on by, I realized how mistaken I was in every sense of the word.  I spent most of my life writing about these types of questions because my spoken words have had a way of failing me.  In other words, writing has always been much easier source of communicating for me. Although now, I’m getting better at both.
As an individual who battled with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, and depression at different points of my life, writing saved my life.   Let me rephrase that, God saved my life time and time again. In fact by giving me gifts of grace including my ability to write, I have gained a voice.
For like most, I have walked through more valleys in this lifetime so far to know that beauty is often where you least expect it.  For the beauty that lasts…the beauty that defines us … is the beauty that often our eyes fail to see at first. It is the radiance that often blinds us, coaxing or even forcing us to turn our heads before we can truly see beneath and passed it…
It is the vision without the lens.
It is what takes us deeper than aesthetic senses.
It is in the worst of days.
It is in the mistakes that try to devour our inner drive.
It is in the birth stories no one told you, or the ones that they should have never told you. (Until labor, those stories had me believing my son would come flying out…ha)
It is in the newborn book that never met your infant and wasted your tiny amount of mommy brain, taking a year to read.
It is in the maternity leave that left you in tears during it and then again when it ended.
It is in the discovery that your child is anaphylactic to dairy and allergic to everything else.
It is when doctors refer to your child as a sick child.
It is in the pregnancy that you never expected and barely survived.
It is in the kegel you were too depressed to even remember to try or even care about until you were housing dairy-free ice cream in bed. It is in thirty-five years plus of anxiety that no one could even begin to understand.
It is in the realization that your child may have OCD worse than you and it is up to you to break the cycle.
It is in all those moments that you realize that your beautifully cleaned and kept house you spent years building and maintaining really is maintaining you.
For it is not beautiful at all.
Instead, what you tried to avoid your entire life is in fact the truer essence of beauty. Beauty is not running away from or hiding our mess; instead it is embracing it.
For beauty is in the art of a messy house…
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and trust me… I am still working on perfecting ours…
but this is my journey to achieve just that:
The Art of a Messy House 
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Is My Milk Doing My Body Good?

I am always amazed at how many different kinds of milks are out there now.  From rice milk to soy to almond to now even milks like hemp and oat, it fascinates me how many choices exist.


Aside from my son having a severe allergy to cow’s milk, I myself have always had a sensitivity to it.   As a young girl, I would often sneak around and dump my whole milk down the sink when my parents were not looking to avoid the stomach aches I would sometimes get.  (Sorry Mom & Dad!)

During my pregnancy with my son, strangely enough I had none of my typical symptoms to cow’s milk.   Then sure enough right after he was born, those old sensitivities started up again.   That is when I started to switch between cow’s milk and almond milk.

Then came TJ’s anaphylactic reaction to yogurt.  For many reasons that I will discuss in another post, I felt like continuing to breastfeeding him despite his multiple food allergies was the right decision for him…for us.  At the time, his allergies to coconut, soy, cow’s milk, oats, almond and other nuts made the only option rice milk.  Therefore, I drank rice milk for 5 months until he passed an oral food challenge to soy.   That is when I started to drink soy milk for the next month of the elimination diet. Even though it has been over 4 months since I stopped breastfeeding, I have still been only drinking soy milk.   During this time, the stomach pains that I had experienced most of my life were almost non-existent.

After reading up on milks recently and trying to really restore my gut health, I personally felt that I needed to open my diet up to several different types now.   Therefore, I have just started to alternate between cow’s milk, almond, oat, and soy.  With all of that being said, here are some interesting articles about different milk options. Hoping you find them as interesting as me, we smile on…


Which Type of Milk is Healthiest?


The Best Kind of Milk is…


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From Obvious to Hidden Allergens – Common Toddler Foods

When I think of toddlers and young children, there are some foods that I view of as staples. Many of these common snacks, TJ cannot have yet due to his allergies.  Aside from the obvious ones like yogurt, yogurt bites, and cheese sticks…


There are a bunch of others that contain milk, wheat, or some of the other allergens that some people, including myself may not have known before this.


  1. Cheerioscontains wheat & oats


2. Rice Krispiescontains malt flavoring which is usually made from the gluten grain, barley


3. Goldfish – (although made with smiles)contains wheat and dairy


4. RITZ Crackerscontains wheat and barley

(It also contains soy but TJ can eat soy now.)


This is an excellent resource about hidden dairy in products for all ages.



These are just some of the common yummy toddler snacks that TJ cannot yet have.   However, we have faith that he will one day be able to try these delicious products.  In the meantime, we are very thankful all of the products TJ can safely snack on now and as he continues to get older.  For now, we must look at the bright side.  TJ has one of the healthiest diet ever so with that positive thought, we snack and smile on …


Dairy Components (Another Post in Progress)

Like peanuts, we had the components of dairy tested during our last round of blood work. This is food that TJ has the greatest amount of IgE present for.


In December: 16.9 (CLASS IV)

In April: 53 (CLASS V)

(Now) in August: 33.20 (CLASS V)

The protein breakdown (of the milk proteins that were tested) is as follows:

  • CASEIN – 20.50 (CLASS V)


  • TJ has high levels to lactoglobulin and casein.  Because casein is a heat stable, TJ’s body is very unlikely to be able to tolerate baked items with milk/dairy ingredients.
  • High casein levels have also been associated to many people having a more difficult time outgrowing the allergy.

Because having faith is what we do, we continue to smile on …