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Traveling with Food Allergies & How You Can Help

Before having my son, my husband and I traveled a lot, flying to different destinations once or twice a year.    While we have not had the chance yet to fly anywhere with my son, we do plan to one day.   While that thought should bring us great anticipation and excitement, instead it brings terror and anxiety for the following reason explained by No Nut Traveler at

“Currently, there are no guidelines or procedures for airlines to follow concerning food allergies. This is despite the fact that there exists a multitude of documented instances of allergic reactions on planes to both peanuts and tree nuts. There are no guidelines that an airline has to follow to protect allergic passengers.”

No Nut Traveler

Her advocacy has helped introduce a bill to protect passengers with food allergies.   This bill would place stock epinephrine on airplanes in addition to training airline personnel on anaphylaxis and using epinephrine auto-injectors. While her efforts are beyond inspiring, we can all help to make this a reality.

Sign the petition here:


Contact your legislature here:

We are beyond thankful for all of these efforts to ensure the safety of all those with food allergies and those who may one day develop them.   Because we know we are being called to do even more, we smile on in hope of what advocacy can really do…

Help Make Air Travel Safe for Everyone