Tbt – Anaphylaxis: Back to the Basics

Today’s “Tbt” brings us back to that initial allergic reaction to yogurt. Looking back at that Saturday evening and the months that followed, the term anaphylaxis overwhelmed me to the point of being in denial about it.  When I spoke about TJ eating that first taste of yogurt, I would say that it was a severe allergic reaction.   However, because he did not stop breathing, the words anaphylactic reaction never left my mouth.  It wasn’t until TJ turned 1 that I started to admit to others, to myself, that his reaction was indeed an anaphylactic reaction.   However, because we did everything that we were suppose to do with calling 911 and going in an ambulance to the hospital, TJ received medical attention before anything even more serious occurred.

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THE BASICS: An anaphylactic reaction usually involves more than one part of the body.   This may include the heart, gut, brain, mouth, eyes, skin, and lungs. Looking back at that evening, it is important to mention that TJ did have several early signs of anaphylaxis within seconds of having that infamous spoonful of yogurt. His symptoms included:

  1. fussiness within seconds/reaching and scratching at his face and mouth
  2. red rash and hives all over his body
  3. swelling of his lips and tongue
  4. TJ cried a lot and then was zoning out.   I must admit that in those minutes that felt like hours, I was most scared.   Getting into the ambulance, he started to cry because he did not see me.   This was a great sign because it meant he was breathing.


Here is an excellent resource about anaphylaxis.


Source: http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org/

I am recapping this event because I want people to understand that a serious allergic reaction does not always mean the individual has stopped breathing.   Instead, there are several other symptoms that do categorize it as anaphylaxis.

Because we know that God is forever by our sides, like that snowy December evening, we smile on helping to educate others too…

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