Favorite Finds Friday: Pouches

Since eating actual vegetables was very short-lived with my son, we are currently so thankful for pouches! While there are many great companies out there, our two favorites right now are Earth’s Best and Gerber.

Some of our favorites include:




See more here:

Earth’s Best Puree Pouches

Gerber – Organic Baby Food Options

While we still try to give actual vegetables, I find comfort in knowing that my son is getting these nutrients through other products like these.   Therefore, we smile on with veggies and fruits in our bellies…

9 thoughts on “Favorite Finds Friday: Pouches

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  2. Melissa

    There is something magical about these kind of pouches. My son will slurp down applesauce and spinach from one of these but wouldn’t even consider eating actual spinach. hehe Funny how many things, like chia and ancient grains I can get him to eat this way, even at seven years old. 😉

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