Restaurant Goes Gluten & Dairy Free & No One Notices

As someone who went gluten-free, dairy-free, and several other “frees” for six months to continue breastfeeding my son, I honestly enjoyed the meals that I ate during that time.   Sure, at first I remember thinking and being asked, “What the heck will you (or do you) eat?”  However, there are soooooo many options and I did not even begin to explore the extent of them.  If indeed my son does not outgrow his allergies as soon as we would like, I am excited to get creative and try new recipes.

With that being said, I absolutely love this article as shows how gluten-free and dairy-free does not mean one can’t enjoy amazing food. Instead, it is quite the opposite! This restaurant and chef have definitely added more smiles to our days…

Top London Restaurant Go Gluten and Dairy Free… And No One Notices



Smiling on gluten-free & dairy-free…

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