Does My Dog Have Allergies Too?

At my son’s 18 month appointment with his pediatrician, we were relieved to learn that he was gaining, growing, and developing wonderfully despite his food allergies, diet limitations and the fact that he is still barely eating when he is at day care.   During this visit, he had two shots and barely cried.  (He is braver than me who passes out with shots or blood work sometimes. Ha!)

Then, the weekend came and so did some crazy symptoms yet again.   Waking up on Friday evening screaming, shaking, and sweating with a fever of 104, we were told this was probably a reaction to one of the shots and would pass soon.   Otherwise, he looked great. There were no signs of sickness or infection. Then, this lead to another weekend of barely eating and another eczema flare-up. This is stressful and frustrating because I wish I could do more to take this all away.

To add to this, my husband came in from doing yard work with a skin irritation.   Hives or a rash of some kind are common after an hour or two outside mowing or raking.   Usually, a shower helps these to fade.

I have three guys in my life though; the third being my 3.5 year old yellow Labrador, Bailey.

bailsEvery Autumn and Spring he begins to chew away at his paws often making them raw.  Due to the timing of this, veterinarians have told us that he suffers from seasonal atopy because of pollen and ragweed allergies.  He experiences this mostly in the Fall though.

Check out more about dogs and allergies:

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While in our case our furry guy has seasonal allergies, it is also important to mention that dogs can also have food allergies or an intolerance.

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Hoping my three special guys have some relief soon, we smile on and wish everyone a great week.

9 thoughts on “Does My Dog Have Allergies Too?

  1. jncthedc

    If you don’t mind me asking, was your son’s reaction to a childhood vaccination? If so, have you read about the secondary complications from follow up procedures? This is NOT to suggest you vaccinate or not vaccinate, but rather to make sure you are exposed to good credible information on all sides of the issues to make the best informed decision possible. If this is a topic of concern, I can continue this via mail to protect your privacy. If not, I hope all three find good answers to help address their issues. Please accept my comments as information ONLY, not recommendations. I have the greatest of respect regardless of the choices a family makes. I simply want to make certain they are given “real choices” and “real control” over the decision making process.


    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      This time is was a fever of 104 that caused him to wake up after a couple hours of sleeping and he never wakes up. It was scary because we have never experienced such a high fever before. He was sweating and shaking. Then, his eczema flares up and many times he stops eating much for a bit. =( However, this time around I just found out that a couple other kids in his daycare classroom had fevers last week so too many variables now to know.


  2. izabolinha

    Thank you for these links 🙂
    Our adopted 8-year old Black Labrador has bad skin allergies , that get worse in Spring and Summer . Will read through your suggestions.
    And I am sure that your vet checked for a fungus/bacterial (?) infection in Bailey’s paws as it is quite common in dogs (malassezia I believe it is the name) 😉
    And just out of curiosity my mom told me yesterday that her dog was put on a very special very expensive gluten free dog food , crazy right ??
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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