Stocking Epinephrine

The following article made me really think about how much could and should be changed regarding stock epinephrine.  Just because you were not born with an allergy does not mean you will never develop one.   Therefore, I believe it is critical to have a supply of life-saving epinephrine auto-injectors available in all schools, restaurants, airplanes, ambulances, etc.   In our experience with my son’s anaphylactic reaction, we were lucky.   Since we had no idea about his food allergies, we had no epinephrine with us nor did the ambulance that picked us up that snowy December evening.   Because we know how lucky and blessed we were, we know we need to do more in this area in order to continue to smile on in safety…

“As we have defibrillators on the wall in many public entities, wouldn’t it behoove us to have life saving epinephrine auto-injectors in public places like schools and airplanes?

Read the entire article here and let me know your thoughts:


How to stay safe with food allergies on the rise

2 thoughts on “Stocking Epinephrine

  1. jncthedc

    First, that is one cute picture of your son!
    Your suggestion for schools to have auto injectors is an excellent one. It would be a low cost added safety tool that school health departments could supervise. Schools should also show DVD movies in health classes demonstrating anaphylactic reactions to show students the reality of the dangers they produce. They should also educate students on the high risk food categories.
    Keep pushing your institutions, your school boards and your gov’t officials until action is taken. This is important enough and inexpensive enough to do that everyone should be on board.

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      I continue to teach my own students about food allergies and anaphylaxis in those teachable moments that come up every couple of weeks. I never thought about the DVD idea in health classes. That is an excellent idea. Thank you for the words of encouragement!

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