RECALL ALERT: Auvi-Q Recalls Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

The following recall of Auvi-Qs, (epinephrine auto-injectors) was released this evening.

“The company says it is arranging for return and reimbursement of all recalled products, which include lot number 2299596 through 3037230, which expire March 2016 through December 2016.”

The recall includes both the 0.15 mg and 0.3 mg strengths. This company states that some of these auto-injectors “have been found to potentially have inaccurate dosage delivery.” (See entire article here: Auvi-Q Recalls Epinephrine Auto-Injectors



Like many, many people, this affects us since both sets of my son’s Auvi-Qs were part of this recall. From our understanding as of right now, we are asked to get alternate epinephrine devices (other than Auvi-Q) then follow the information on how to get reimbursed.

“Auvi‑Q is one of three epinephrine auto‑injectors available in the U.S. The other two are EpiPen® and Adrenaclick®.  “

– Cited from the Auvi-Q website below.

Auvi-Q site and information:


Because we want to help inform everyone who is affected by this recall, we smile on to staying safe…

14 thoughts on “RECALL ALERT: Auvi-Q Recalls Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig

    I am forwarding this to my sister. She has three small boys with sever allergies. Not sure what brand she has. Thank you for passing along the information!

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      Thank you for doing that. The recall includes soooooooooo many of these Auvi-Qs. Sooo scary! Please spread the word and thank you for doing that.

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      1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

        I know… Thankfully our old EpiPens do not expire until February. However, we reached out to our doctors for refills of EpiPens. And plan to inform day care of this tomorrow.

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      1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

        Even today going to get an Epipen with a coupon was over $300. Every single time I go and get it, the workers at the pharmacy looked mortified about the pricing. I pray that one day this changes for the better. =)

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      *The price of these devices especially the Auvi-Q even with a coupon is insane ( at least in our experience with our insurance.)

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