Allergy-Friendly Advent Calendars

While I am jumping ahead a couple of holidays with this post, I was too excited to find the following allergy-friendly advent calendars to not share.  As a child I LOVED opening up the daily windows/doors of my advent calendar.   Because of my son’s allergies, he can not have chocolate so those calendars are out of the question for now.

However, check out these allergy-friendly options:

1) The Lego Advent Calendar (Allergy-free)

Lego Advent Calendars



2) Play-Doh Advent Calendar (We still can’t use this one due to my son’s wheat allergy.  However, it may help others who do not have this allergy.)

Play-Doh Advent Calendar


play doh 2

There are a few other awesome ideas that I was reading and thinking about that I will share in a later post.  Finding out that there are allergy-friendly and allergy-free options to explore and look into, we could not help but to smile on…

tj cartoon

6 thoughts on “Allergy-Friendly Advent Calendars

      1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

        Thanks!!!! We are going the Lego route or a book version that I need to figure out more of the details on because until he outgrows wheat allergy… No Play-doh yet. Thanks for reading !


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