Fear of Food – “The Allergy Talk”

While I myself do not have any food allergies, based on my experiences with my son’s allergies, anxiety being linked to food allergies is real.  Since his initial anaphylactic reaction in December, I have battled with periods of great fear and anxiety.  Through it all, I have found and continue to find coping strategies that work for me.

However, I am not the one allergic.   I can’t imagine the added fear that enters the scene in an individual, young or old, after they have had one or more allergic reactions.

Since my son is only 17.5 months now, he has not entered a phase of fearing food and his multiple food allergies.  However, I have spoken to moms who have and are dealing with situations like this.   The following article discusses this topic of fearing food.

Food Allergies – Fear of Food

Source: Allergic Living

While I know I have some time before I have the allergy talk with my son, I found the following link very helpful.  It discusses how to have the “allergy talk” with your child at different ages while also keeping in mind the other emotions like anxiety that are often linked to it. Currently, even though my son is “just a toddler” I have “talks” with him about safe food.   If he finds any scrap of paper or food on the floor, even though it is usually from his own meal, we have taught and continue to reinforce him to point to it and say, “Yuck Yuck,” waiting for us to pick it up.  We wanted to start as early as possible making him aware to help ensure his safety.

Communication and education are two keys to keeping our children with food allergies safe.  Check it out and smile on with us….

Expert Advice for “The Allergy Talk”

Source: Allergic Living


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