Bullying & Food Allergies

Since my son is only 17 months old, bullying is not yet something we are faced with.  However, the reality is that bullying is a huge problem that comes in many shapes and forms.  Working in a middle school for over ten years and having some first-hand experience with being bullied myself, this is an issue I take very seriously and do not tolerate.

According to the statistics listed in the following article,

“1/3 of children with life threatening food allergies are bullied.”

Since statistics tell us that this may be something we eventually encounter, we want to teach our son to not only defend himself, but also to stand up for others and what is right.

Since the first way to put an end to this type of ignorance in our society is to educate, we wanted to raise awareness and share the following article. Let’s stop bullying one person…one smile…. at a time…

Huff Supports National Bullying Prevention Month

7 thoughts on “Bullying & Food Allergies

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig

    My three young nephew’s all have life threatening allergies. So far no bullying, but time will tell. It’s sad how some kids are bullied.

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  2. NickyB.

    I have expressed the same, in past posts. Working in the school system opens you up even more to the effects of bullying. That’s why I try so hard to keep him safe. It’s only in recent years that we have seen MJ standing up for himself.

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      It is such an important topic for people of all ages. That is great that MJ has started to defend himself and a true testament of what an amazing job you are doing. Great job Mom!

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  3. flanaganm

    It’s so hard to navigate food allergies, let alone bullying as a result. Growing up, my family and teachers treated the precautions we took as normal. Bringing in a non-dairy treat for the ice cream social is just what happened; eating a safe cookie instead of the cupcakes is just what happens. Even now, over a decade from high school, my classmates have no clue that I have an allergy, simply because it was normalized. Keep in mind, I’ve known most of these people since age 5 or younger.
    I think if nut-free/dairy-free/whatever-free is just treated as normal in the classroom from a super young age, most kids won’t question it. Sending home material to support these efforts will help parents to repeat this message there, too.
    As a teacher myself, I worked hard to have all kids included, without question, in celebrations.

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