Latex Allergy and Bananas – How are They Related?

As far as we know TJ does not have a latex allergy; however, I know of several children who do including some of my students. Therefore, I found the following two articles extremely informative and interesting as they are related to cross-reactivity of allergies. While today may be rainy, check out these links and brighten our days with more smiles…

Latex Allergy & Cross Reactive Food


Why Does My Latex Allergic Child Need to Avoid Bananas



5 thoughts on “Latex Allergy and Bananas – How are They Related?

  1. lindenforestbrook

    I am allergic to latex. It causes rash and burning 😳 I’m glad you shared this because I just had a tomato and cheese corn tortilla wrap for lunch and have stabbing pain in my chest and sometimes when I eat tomatoes, celery, bananas and peanut butter and even avocados I get this similar feeling. Even more interesting I have a severely numb sensation in my mouth and tongue and feel super weird when I eat guacamole and I assumed it was because the jalapeño but it could be the avocado! 😨 Red and green bell peppers also cause me severe indigestion overall an especially celery!
    Interesting share! Thank you!

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      Oh wow! I’m glad that you found this post interesting and useful. I am sorry that you are dealing with these symptoms though. Allergies are so crazy! Have you had this allergy all of your life? Thank you for sharing your experience with this allergy.

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