Antibiotic Overuse and Allergies?

In my personal life, I really try not to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and always try natural methods first.  In the past couple of months, I have even become interested in and intrigued by essential oils.  While I still have some research to do about these oils before I decide whether to purchase them for myself, this next article really encourages me to continue this research asap.   Check it out….and smile on with us for it’s almost the weekend…


Antibiotic Overuse Might Be Why So Many People Have Allergies



12 thoughts on “Antibiotic Overuse and Allergies?

  1. fillyourownglass

    I try to avoid taking antibiotics (and other prescription pills) at all costs. If I absolutely cannot avoid it, or if I cannot fight off an infection on my own I will use antibiotics as a last resort. It seems much more reasonable and responsible to me to use natural alternatives if at all possible. If I have sinus problems my co-workers say go to the doctor, but 99.5% of the time I can clear it up naturally. When you hear the list of possible side effects attached to most drugs it makes sense to steer clear.

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      The list of side effects is what first scared me. Years ago in my 20s, I had horrible stomach pains and was told I was lactose intolerant and had IBS. (I believe the lactose thing not sure about the other…) Anyways, I was given a prescription back then that I never took because I read the side effects and they were crazy !!! I called my doctor at the time and asked about them and I was told ” it was rare and mainly for older people.” That was the day I made a promise to myself I would never take antibiotics unless I really really needed to ! Anyways, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it 😄


  2. lindenforestbrook

    I understand how this could be speculated- but coming from a person that requires prescription drugs to live- (i.e.: synthroid, macrobid) I have not the luxury of choice to avoid them. I have no thyroid- without synthroid I will literally die. I have chronic cystitis and kidney stone disease- macrobid keeps the bacteria at bay and stops stones from forming. I know prescription drugs and their affiliates have given themselves a bad name because of being ran by corporate mongrels who are detached from those in need of the medications- but we must find a happy medium and access for those like me that can’t live without prescription drugs and antibiotics.
    I worked in health care and can tell you that the problem with allergies lies in our air and general environment and is a result of all the preservatives and additives in food as well as “smog” from pollutants in the air.
    I left a major city to live on the coast because my doctor said that my asthma and allergies would dissipate in a less “smog” environment as well as the salt in the air from the ocean assisting in drying my nasal passages to breathe. He was right and I haven’t used an inhaler since I moved to the coast. Some things yes can be avoided and controlled- but we cannot discount the importance and necessity of RX drugs for people either. 😎❤️

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    1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

      I totally agree and thank you for making this point. I mentioned it but you gave a more than perfect example of why it all depends on the person, condition, situation, etc. I am not 100% against antibiotics and prescriptions at all. There have been many times and more than likely will be many more times where I need them. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you do not feel as though I was discounting those times that they are necessary. Thanks again 😄

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      1. lindenforestbrook

        I didn’t feel that way 😎 You have an informative and open forum which I admire and appreciate 🙂 that’s why having what you have established and the communication with it works because t helps others in all kinds of background and circumstances see why options are available and also be able to relate and find support ❤

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  3. mom1978

    I’ve started with young living essential oils. I do think there is something to them. But, I am not one who would avoid traditional medicine in favor of oils. I do like them alot, and see alot of benefits. Plus, at one time, modern medicine didn’t exist, and this was all there was, right? So, there must be real benefits.

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