Worry-Free Wednesdays – “Impossible is not a Word”

I believe that nothing in life is impossible.  With that same frame of mind, I believe that TJ will outgrow all of his allergies, even the ones that statistics and research tell us are often not outgrown (peanuts and tree nuts).  Some may think I am irrational and have false hope.  However, my response to them is that I am cautiously optimistic and 100% trust in God. Plus, what good does it do for anyone involved if we declare something negative as a constant in life.  All it does is overshadow hope and faith.  With that being said, always remember that prayer with belief is powerful so smile on with us…



7 thoughts on “Worry-Free Wednesdays – “Impossible is not a Word”

  1. izabolinha

    You are right!
    With yours (and you are doing an AWESOME job) and Gods help your beautiful baby boy will overcome if not all, most of his allergies and learn how to deal with the lesser bothersome ones ;):)
    Turtle Hugs

    Liked by 1 person


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