Favorite Finds Friday – Sam Mills Corn Pasta

When we met with a nutritionist about TJ’s restricted diet and low iron levels in May, there were several areas of nutrition that TJ was lacking in. We were instructed that between the ages of 1-3, toddlers like TJ should try to follow the tentative plan below for a balanced diet.






TJ was never lacking in the milk area, drinking breast milk for 13.5 months then switching to a toddler soy formula. Both of which he has always loved.

Milk or Milk Substitute Group   √

For the most part, his safe fruits and veggies that he was tested for have also never been a problem.  For now, we have taken more of a conservative approach to introducing foods, only giving TJ foods he has tested negative for through blood work. While blood work is not a 100% accurate way of determining whether or not someone is allergic to a specific food, so far with TJ it has been the safest way to go.

Fruit & Vegetable Group    √

Over the course of the summer, we were able to increase his meat intake, adding fat to that by using refined organic canola oil in his meatball mixture.  He also gets added fat through eating avocado almost every day which I have also heard helps to restore good bacteria in one’s gut.

Meat & Fat Group   √

This leaves us the group of grains. Having allergies to wheat, oats, barley, rye, eggs, dairy, sesame, nuts, peanuts, and coconut makes this extremely difficult.  TJ will also not eat the allergen free waffles and pancakes we have made for him nor will he eat regular rice. To add to that, TJ spit up the Rice Chex cereal we gave him months ago. (We will try again soon since he was younger then and had some issues with textures so it may have been more of a gag reflex.)

The only source of grains he would eat for months was Happy Baby puffs. Therefore, we would sneak grains into his jars of baby food from months 10- 16, adding organic buckwheat baby cereal or Earth’s Best infant rice cereal. But what I have already learned about babies and toddlers is that what works one month, week, day, or moment does not mean it will work the next. Nothing is set in stone. They like to keep us on our toes.

Now,  TJ is refusing those foods with ” hidden” grains, but I can’t blame him for that at all. He will still snack on puffs all day long; however, he needs more. Thankfully, Sam Mills’ Corn Pasta for Kids came to our rescue a couple months ago. Over the past couple of weeks, TJ has begun to really enjoy this product made by Sam Mills which definitely helps his lunches and dinners become more balanced. Heck, maybe we should try some for breakfast?!?

Grain Group   √(for now)


While I know tomorrow this may change, right now I am grateful to have yet another safe product and great company for TJ so we eat and smile on…


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