Favorite Finds Friday – CeraVe

Over the course of the last twelve months, we have used many different lotions on TJ’s skin. At first, we barely used any but as his eczema flared up around this time last year, we started to use doctors’ suggestions, other parents’ recommendations, online reviews and of course, the infamous trial and error to see what would calm and treat his skin best. It was and is all about creating the best barrier to protect TJ’s skin and allowing his body to build up his skin’s filaggrin.

Here is a timeline of the skin products we have used over the past year.

  • SEPTEMBER 2014 – OCTOBER: Last September, we used some Aveeno products such as their lotion and even bath wash. While people all around us raved about it, it wasn’t helping TJ’s skin. We would soon learn that the Aveeno products we were using contained oat. (In December we would also learn that he was allergic to this.)
  • OCTOBER – DECEMBER: Then, at the end of October we switched to CeraVe baby lotion as it had been suggested by the allergist I took TJ to about his skin, worrying that he had food allergies. This allergist would become our main allergist in just a couple months. However, at the time it was thought that TJ just had dermagraphism. Now, we know it is both many allergies and this skin condition. We used this lotion on his skin for a month or so.
  • DECEMBER – JANUARY: As TJ’s many food allergies were discovered, he started to have many “random” hive and rash outbreaks. This was last January 2015 when we were thrown into the crazy world of food allergies as well. After speaking with many doctors, moms, and anyone who would listen to my rants at the time, we feared it may have been the lotions and bath washes we were using. So, I did what any mom or dad in my shoes would do, I played detective and researched like crazy. That is when we learned that Aveeno contained oat. However, I do recommend any of the Aveeno baby products for babies with eczema and no oat allergy. It was just a bit more complicated for us.
  • JANUARY – MARCH: Then, we turned to Vanicream with an extra coat of Aquaphor on top for the winter months.
  • MARCH – NOW (SEPTEMBER 2015): However, in March we started back with CeraVe but their moisturizing cream this time instead of the lotion.   Since this is what we still use and TJ’s skin seems to do best with it, we add this to our favorite finds while smiling on to the much needed weekend…


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