Favorite Finds Friday – Soap Nuts

Last winter was when my son started to have more and more eczema flare-ups. Often times these flare ups would bother him most when he became bored, hot, or upset. Many times he would begin to scratch and irritate his skin especially on our car rides to work and day care. This was extra frustrating because often when he would wake up, his skin would be looking good. Then, as the day proceeded, it would get worse and worse.

After speaking with other moms and doctors, I knew it we had to find as many ways as possible to calm his heightened immune system so that it could continue to learn the true invaders to attack like bad bacteria and viruses. Instead, of attacking food and his own skin.

We had already done the following:

    1) Taken away all the food allergens with both of our elimination diets
    2) Limited contact with our dog Bailey (Tried to completely not allow any contact which definitely has gone out the window since TJ has become a toddler and is looove with Bailey now.)
    3) Made sure to keep the house vacuumed
    4) Used only TJ’s safe lotions and washes
    5) Made sure TJ’s skin always had a barrier of lotion/ointment.
    6) Made sure he only wore 100% cotton clothing (Tried for socks too but these are sooooo difficult to find so I settled for 80% cotton)
    7) Only used free and clear detergents…

Because these flare-ups still continued, we decided that we needed to try something different.  Maybe the free and clear detergent wasn’t enough for his skin? So for several months we used Soap Nuts, since another amazing mom had told me about the success she had with this detergent alternative with her son and his skin. While we no longer use them now, I am thankful that there are products like Soap Nuts out there for people like TJ so we have no choice but to smile on…  

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