Favorite Finds Friday – Happy Family Allergy Chart

This week’s “Favorite Find” isn’t a specific product, but instead a resource that I am thankful some companies are starting to make available.

To start and as a side note, I started reading food labels as a middle school student.  I found some kind of control and comfort in it during a very sensitive and transitional time of life. Back then, I was developing an irrational obsession with my weight and food which did later lead to an eating disorder in high school.   But that’s a whole other story to tell.

Now, 20 years later, I am “obsessed” with labels but for a much different reason, my son.  Sounds strange but due to my struggles with eating, I have a great deal of knowledge of food which does help a lot now.  Because TJ’s multiple food allergies are to common every day foods/ingredients, his diet is very limited for now.  Therefore, I am always looking for new ways to safely broaden his menu options, spending much time reading labels on everything.

Back in May when TJ’s blood results showed a major increase in his dairy IgE levels, I started to double, triple, and quadruple check everything he was eating.   Because I feared cross-contamination was causing this jump, I reached out to several companies and asked about the cleaning procedures and product ingredients.  One company that was sooooo helpful was  Happy Family.

One of my favorites things about this organic company was that their website had an allergy chart.   Because TJ eats several of their products like other kids his age, I am extremely thankful for them and the comfort their allergy chart gives me. Therefore, my Favorite Find for this fabulous Friday is their chart below that encourages us to safely eat and smile on…


NOTE: Even with helpful charts like these, it is extremely important to read all food labels to double check. For example, a UD symbol may or may not be safe for an individual like TJ because it probably means the product(s) was/were processed on equipment that handles dairy as well.Therefore, we make sure to double check.

Here is a link of how to read these labels.

 Labeling Symbols


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