tbt – Wheat Bagel Teethers

This week’s tbt brings us back to last August/September 2014 when TJ first started teething.   Like many babies, TJ showed signs of teething early on around 3-4 months. (And has stopped since or so it seems… Ha) While he loves his teethers and teething toys now, back then there were not many that helped relieve his discomfort.   In a conversation with my pediatrician’s office about this, a nurse recommended that we buy mini bagels to freeze and then use as teethers.   It was also around this time that TJ started to wake up during the night and not nap regularly after being an excellent sleeper.  Therefore, we thought teething could be partially to blame.   So, we tried it, allowing him to briefly suck on these frozen bagels, while of course watching him to ensure no pieces came off.   TJ loved it! It seemed to work so for a week we used it once a day until I noticed something. After sucking on the frozen bagel for a minute, I noticed that TJ’s skin around his mouth would get slightly red. Therefore,  we stopped this without giving it a second thought.

Looking back at this, I cringe.  I had no idea about TJ’s allergies back then and was just following instructions given to me.   These bagels contained wheat, barley, and soy.   Three of the foods he was allergic to at the time. What I also did not know at that time was that because TJ had one parent with a history of food allergies, he was considered to be at high-risk for food allergies himself I.   Any future children that I am blessed to have will also be high-risk because they will have a sibling with multiple food allergies as well as a father with some.  Therefore, in the future, I will do the following:

  1. Never use any food related items as teethers or as a remedy for any infant/toddler difficulty/concern
  2. Not introduce food until 6 months (I did this at 5 months with TJ.)
  3. Consult and meet with an allergist before introducing any foods.

Because education is key, we share and smile on with faith…

2 thoughts on “tbt – Wheat Bagel Teethers

  1. smilingawayfoodallergies Post author

    Thank you so much for this nomination and for your beyond sweet words. They came at the perfect time, giving me even more motivation to continue on despite challenging days and weeks, like this one. I will definitely participate in this and nominate others hopefully within the next couple of days. I am not sure where the time goes these days =) Thank you again!



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