Today was a bit of a difficult day for me.   While it was great on many levels, the reality of TJ’s food allergies and the challenges that are in our near future was made extra clear to me after his 15 month doctor appointment.   I will post more about that information soon.

However, for now, I wrote the following poem because I wanted to branch out and participate in a blogging poetry challenge.   In responding to today’s poem prompt “FORWARD,” I somehow found peace again that we will do whatever it takes so that TJ continues to thrive and be kept safe even if summer is almost over and we both need to go back to work and daycare….



Your smile in hand’s groove.

All I need,

When fear shadows what faith would heed.



Back step into life’s infamous wall.

Smiling you come,

Anxiety made numb.


FORWARD I stand,

Forced up by your innocence’s demand.

Laughter you bring,

As my ears’ terror ring.


FORWARD action I take,

Belief in the future with so much at stake.

Life too precious to cave,

Promise prayer with belief will save.


FORWARD we teach,

Entrusting safety when not in my own reach.

Knowing that together we conquer and win,

All the better with just your grin.


FORWARD I follow for all the miles,

Within your contagious smiles,

Teaches about the life you show,

Smiling on because FORWARD only is how we must go.






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