Peanut Components (A Post in Progress)

During this last round of blood work, we had the components of peanuts and dairy tested.   It had been recommended that we test for these plus the components of egg by the other allergist we saw a couple times.   With this information, we could learn of the severity and likelihood of outgrowing.  (Although regardless of medical information, we have faith TJ will outgrow all of these.  However, it may just take longer than others.)

While I am still waiting to hear back from the doctor who originally asked for us to have this done, I will post  now what I do know about the results.  Then, as I find out more, I will add to this post. (Once again, I am no doctor.  Instead, I am sharing information as it is presented to me and how it is related to TJ.)


In December: 6.3

In April: 4.5

(Now) in August: 4.22

The protein breakdown (of the peanut proteins that were tested) is as follows:

ARA H1 protein – TJ tested at a 0.36 – CLASS I

ARA H2 protein – tested at a 1.96- CLASS III

ARA H3 protein – tested at a 0.21 – CLASS 0/I

ARA H8 protein – tested at <0.10

ARA H9 protein – tested at <0.10


  • The H2 component of peanut is the anaphylactic protein.   Therefore, because TJ is highly positive (class III) to H2, he is at a higher risk for an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts.  However, it does not mean that he will definitely have anaphylaxis.


As we continue to learn more about this world of food allergies and receive excellent guidance, we smile on …

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