Round 4 Results Are In

To start, TJ’s hemoglobin and iron levels are all in the normal range! What amazing news! Despite his very restricted and limited diet, we did not need to use an iron supplement to bring up his slightly low levels.  Instead, we just added in iron wherever we could for the past three months and it worked! What a relief and confirmation that we are indeed following the right directions, taking the best steps for TJ through this journey.

Since we needed this blood work done anyways, we had more food allergy testing done as well.  We tested current levels of some grains and the components of peanuts and dairy to gain more information about those specific allergies. Right now, I am waiting to hear back regarding what everything means.  After that, I will post more explaining the breakdowns of the components.

However, what I do know is that his body isn’t ready to outgrow any of his current allergies yet, which is totally okay.   With day care and going back to work again just around the corner, I will definitely need to make sure that every staff member is fully informed of his allergies and the current severity of some of them. For example, they need to understand that based on the breakdowns and current levels, the dairy and peanut allergies could be anaphylactic. The fact that his classroom is already a peanut/tree nut free classroom is definitely a relief.  On the other hand, dairy is everywhere so certain practices and activities need to be regulated and watched carefully for TJ’s absolute safety. My initial reaction is always to start worrying about this, becoming anxious of September.   However,  that is no longer an option for me, for us. I just need to ensure all staff members that come into contact with TJ are fully informed and prepared.  We already had his Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan updated and copied for them.   Sometimes or most times, I wish I could just stay at home with him and protect him from the unknown. However, those are not the cards we have been dealt.

On what I believe to be another positive note, there is a declining trend happening though with his wheat, peanut, and cow’s milk allergies.  While I am no doctor and far from one, I feel like this is definitely a positive sign.   However,  I asked my doctors and am waiting to hear back.


In December: 6.14

In April: 6.43

(Now) in August: 5.50


In December: 16.9

In April: 53

(Now) in August: 33.20


In December: 6.3

In April: 4.5

(Now) in August: 4.22

Every time we have another set of blood testing done and I wait for the results, deep down I pray for a miracle, that I open up all of the results and he has outgrown all of them. Not one or two, but all of them.  It’s funny how irrational this is when you base it on the facts of food allergies. Yet, despite those facts and that my dreams have no scientific evidence behind them, they give me something more powerful than any statistic.  They provide me with hope.  Hey a girl can dream! After all, “miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.

I truly believe that TJ will out grow his allergies, but that his body just isn’t ready yet.  Today was the first time that I read through his results and did not break down in tears of fear.  Instead, I felt a strong and strange sense of peace because we are truly blessed. The time will come when his body is ready but in the meantime we need to continue to keep living life to the fullest and smiling on…

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah Winfrey

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