A Simply Deep Kind of Day 

Yesterday was a simple day, yet one of deeper, unexpected meaning.

To start, my son and I ran errands and went to a toddler class. Then, we even got ” daring” and drove to my chiropractor, taking the hour drive in traffic that we have not done since school/work let out for the summer. Sounds like nothing, but for us long car rides especially on a hot day are super challenging without someone sitting in the back seat with TJ to keep him from scratching at and irritating his eczema.

However, on our way up, he made a weird noise and starting fussing, causing me to look back to make sure he was okay. Something my worrying self does too often. As I quickly checked him in a moment of panic, eyes off the road I must admit, what I didn’t realize was that a car a few cars ahead had made a sudden stop. While I only turned around for a second, that second almost caused a huge accident. I had to swerve to the right as the car in front of me swerved to the left almost reading my mind on what I would do. Somehow, no one hit anything or anyone. After thanking God for taking control of my car in that second, I also realized that I need to let go of more of this food allergy/eczema fear, trusting in Him. I think it was a way of showing me that He truly has control of this wheel.
As we were out and about, I received texts from a close friend that her friend was looking for breast milk donations. Shortly after her daughter’s birth, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she has completed radiation and is cancer free. However, her daughter never took well to formula and she has not been able to produce milk due to everything. While she has other moms such as my friend who have been donating their milk and pumping extra for her, she is in need for more. Therefore, the 238 ounces that I was looking to donate is now with them. =) I feel good knowing that this milk is able to help them in so many ways. It’s funny how something that seems so simple like donating milk really shows how much I’ve changed as a person over the past year. While a year ago I would have been slightly uncomfortable with the thought of donating my milk, a year later it brings me such comfort knowing I’m helping another sweet baby and amazing mom.
( I did, however, keep 24 ounces just in case. Not sure what that ” just in case” is for, probably just my need for planning and being preparing shining through.)
Finally, in a conversation with one of my closest friends today, the word surrender came up. It’s such a contradictory word. While to surrender sounds like such a weak thing to have to do, it requires such a great deal of strength to actually do. During times of hardships, it’s that letting go, surrendering, that allows our faith and strength to grow. With that being said, we surrender a little bit more, smiling on…


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