Baby Steps Move Ahead Faster Than You Think

I have been trying to take all of this step by step throughout the summer by challenging myself each day with something.   It could be introducing a new food or taking TJ to somewhere new like the pool. While they don’t seem like anything crazy, for us, these baby steps are necessary and more nerve-racking than the typical person or situation.  Sometimes, I get frustrated with myself that baby steps are all that I am comfortable taking.   However, On Saturday at my mom’s party, I realized that may these baby steps aren’t baby steps at all.

As I was feeding TJ his dinner there in a highchair that was not ours, everyone came in to have dessert.  First of all, I would not have used that highchair a few months ago even though TJ uses highchairs used by other babies at daycare. Also, by the time that TJ finished eating and was running around, there were about 15 people, both adults and kids, everywhere eating birthday cake.   And I mean  everywhere, on the floor, at the dining room table, on the couch, in the kitchen, there was dairy, wheat, eggs, and who knows what else everywhere TJ was running around.   Even a month ago, I would have never been there in that moment.  I would have planned ahead and left before the cake was distributed.   However, I hadn’t even thought about or worried about it beforehand.   This is a huge step for me.   Don’t get me wrong, I instinctively know how to react.   It was time at that point for us to leave and I watched TJ like a hawk, picking him up once people were on the floor.  However, we were there and I wasn’t losing my mind with fear.   As everyone ate, I made a comment to everyone that, “TJ would be blowing everyone kisses this evening.”  That’s all I needed to say and everyone understood that I was just keeping him safe.   It was the first time that I did not feel like a “crazy” allergy mom around food and people.  But instead, I felt like his biggest advocate, speaking up for what he needed me to say. Only, I knew how to do that perfectly for him. Realizing that we have come a long way since December, we smile on…

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