A Little “Experiment”

Since April, TJ has had red blotches of eczema on his legs.   While some days it does not bother him, other days he often scratches it, making it worse.   Throughout pollen season, doctors and allergists explained that this is due to the pollen.  Then, during times of cutting teeth, it was also because of that.   If he was sick, sometimes it would get better for awhile as his immune system was doing what it was meant to, attack a foreign sickness, instead of his body.  Therefore, sometimes, his skin would clear up for a day but then usually ended up worse than before. Well, pollen season is over, TJ isn’t sick, and he has his four molars.  Yet, his skin still has these problem areas. Now what?

Instead of emailing my poor allergist every other day (ha!), I play mommy detective…

After the coconut milk challenge did not go well, I asked the allergist if I could still continue to use my frozen stash of breast milk.   Since I stopped breastfeeding on June 12, I have been using 6 ounces of it every morning for his first sippy cup of the day. Since I was told that I did not need to cut out the coconut creamer I was drinking on the elimination diet because his level was so low, this allergen was and is in all of the frozen stash of milk.   Our allergist said that since he had been fine with it all along, there was no reason to cut it out now.  There was such a minimal amount in my milk, if any. Now, I was wondering, was he really fine with it all along? I mean I know his random skin hives and rashes got sooooo much better once I cut out everything else, I still felt uneasy about the leg eczema that developed in April.

So I continued using this breast milk once a day, but it was always on the back of my mind since we challenged coconut. Therefore, for the past two days, I have not given him this milk.   Instead, I only give soy.   Maybe it is a coincidence that only time will tell…his problem areas of eczema have been amazing! While they get slightly red if he is sweating or too hot, for the most part, they are gone! Part of me feels guilty for not cutting it out of my diet way back in December, but I can’t think that way.   I was only following doctors’ instructions.

If this continues, I may be looking into organizations to donate breast milk to. Feeling extra hopeful, so we both continue to smile on…


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