“Before” Allergies

RECAP: May 2014 -November 2014

Since his birth last May, my son had eczema, spit up frequently, and had loose stool. All I was told by our pediatrician was that it was just part of being a baby. I had mentioned to my pediatrician that I had read that often eczema is a sign that there may be food allergies because it is often a triad: eczema, food allergies and asthma.   However, she reassured me that most babies are not tested before one year of age because the testing is not so accurate before then. So, I stopped worrying… for a hot second…

Then, in October 2014, he got his first ” random ” hive outbreak on his face. It lasted about an hour. I remember the day clearly because it was also the same day that I received the flu shot. After calling the pediatrician and bringing him in to be seen, we were informed that it was just a virus. Since I was still not back at work, this unfortunately would be the first of many viruses once he was at daycare.

These random hive episodes continued to happen throughout November maybe once a week. While it wasn’t every Saturday morning, it did seem to happen more on Saturday mornings.   We would spend the next hour distracting him so that he would not scratch at his face.

Was it our dog?

Untitled design (11)

Was it my husband’s unshaven face?

Was it just that he had very sensitive skin since my husband does as well?

It wasn’t until another mother at my breastfeeding support group said something to me about food allergies that made me even consider the thought again.   During that week, my son’s skin and eczema seemed to be getting better actually as he just had some red marks in his creases like under his knees and armpits.   However, she beyond nicely asked me if I had taken him to see an allergist because her own daughter had eczema much like my son’s and turned out to have several food allergies.   Of course, I came home and told my husband, who is not the worrying type.  (They do say…opposites attract.) So, he told me that I shouldn’t worry about it because of what the pediatrician had told us. However, I pushed further and  asked her again if we could have him seen by an allergist.  She agreed to send us.

I brought him to our first of many trips to the allergist.  That original allergist said it was probably just sensitive skin.

(Relief! I could breath again!)

He did a skin sensitivity test and it showed that he had hyper-sensitive skin.  I was reassured again…

… until December 13, 2014 rolled around.

Throughout it all, I stressed but he just continued to smile on…


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